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Updated on: 11th Oct 2021
OHSE 2720 - Ergonomics for OHS UON assignment sample Singapore

OHSE 2720 – Ergonomics for OHS UON assignment sample Singapore

The course discusses ergonomics and the application of these principles to workplace design. It includes physiological, anatomical, psychological environmental as well as a management perspective on work capacity in relation to working conditions or equipment used for an occupation.

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This course was designed to be especially useful to OH&S professionals, occupational health and safety officers, students studying occupational hygiene as well as any student who needs a fundamental understanding of ergonomics and related issues.

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 At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn Ergonomics for OHS module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Identify and evaluate the impact of various personal attributes (anatomical, physiological and  psychological) on proper safe working practice;

We can identify and evaluate the impact of various personal attributes (anatomical, physiological and  psychological) on proper safe working practice through Educating oneself on first an “to know thyself.”

  • Anatomical– The human organism’s body helps regulate its homeostasis through numerous anatomical adaptations in our body.
  • Physiological– There is a vast amount of physiological adaptations that help humans maintain their homeostatic coherence namely the endocrine system, nervous system and muscles to name a few.
  • Psychologically – for instance we have Defense mechanisms which are adaptive responses or coping strategies to help protect us from either overwhelming stimuli, dangerous situations or painful realities.

For example people with PTSD go back into what is called traumatic memory and some use Distancing techniques where they mentally detach themselves from the present moment in order to shield themselves from pain.

2.Assess the effect of physical environmental factors on comfort and performance;

The physical environment affects mental, social and physical performance. A negative environment typically has a range of impacts on consumer wellbeing such as reduced comfort and/or performance, lower satisfaction and poorer health outcomes.

Shoppers generally experience an atmosphere of stress in overcrowded spaces, which increases with the noise level and clutter levels present in-store.

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Overcrowding can also lead to shopper frustration in these environments particularly when it is perceived that there is inadequate customer service available to mediate queue lengths or lack of service availability or store size limitations on what can be purchased at one time.

All this leads shoppers to feel less favorably about their shopping experience as well as expenditure made with the retailer.

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3.Apply principles of good ergonomic design of work areas and equipment to a range of occupational  settings;

The principles of correct ergonomic design are simple: Create a workable height for the desk so that a person can keep their elbows about shoulder-height, and be able to comfortably reach the keyboard/mouse.

Make sure there are no obstacles in your arm’s path. Then make sure it is comfortable to sit, with the level of the chair allowing people to straighten up their backs when sitting and allow blood to flow. What it boils down to is making sure that there is good back support from whatever chairs you use at work and flexible seating options like standing desks or treadmill desks if necessary.

Deep kitchen sinks in which people have to lean over do not usually allow this circulation because they need support under their feet for drainage purposes.

4.Explain the influence of ergonomic principles on work organization and culture

Work culture is changing as more companies focus on norms like inclusion, reflective practice and sustainable work. In addition, organizations are recognizing that the physical environment of the office affects worker interaction.

Physical environmental factors impact a person’s alertness and mood in the office and lay out parameters for appropriate social interactions. With this awareness, a new generation of architects and designers has been creating sustainable buildings with natural light streaming through traditional windows in lieu of fluorescent lighting because they believe it makes work more enjoyable.

For example Victor Rosales’ 2020C headquarter offices in Tallinn, Estonia have “windows stretching to infinity” that encourage energy-efficient behavior; they take advantage of natural light instead of using artificial means for illumination everyday; there is open flooring allowing more natural interaction between workers and administrators; the space is filled with greenery to allow for fresher air, cleaner water and better lighting.

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