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OHSE 2630 - Occupational Health UON assignment sample Singapore

OHSE 2630 – Occupational Health UON assignment sample Singapore

Students will learn how to recognize the occupational injuries and diseases that can affect different areas of their body. The study examines effects on specific organs in relation to work, such as respiratory disease or back problems. This helps students gain an understanding for why certain groups have a higher risk than others do for these issues.

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This course was designed to provide students with the basics of occupational health and safety. It is ideal for students to get a better understanding of how this precaution can be used in their workplace. By taking this course, students are able to gain an overview so they will have a better idea on what this field entails.

Educators can use this course as an educational tool to teach future workers how they should approach tasks without causing harm to themselves or others. The information provided here could help people get prepared prior to entering into certain types of job fields that are risky in nature.

TOA,TMA,GBA Assignment sample of Occupational Health module UON Singapore

At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn Ergonomics for OHS module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Demonstrate an understanding of the common and important occupational diseases of the major body systems,  their nature, relationship to work exposures and prevention.

Occupational diseases of the respiratory system can be classified as airway, pulmonary function, and pulmonic infection. The most common disease is mineral dust pneumoconiosis, caused by inhaling aluminum-containing minerals (alumina) that produces chronic bronchitis and emphysema with exercise.

Occupational diseases of the major body systems, their nature, and control methods

  • Respiratory: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asbestosis, silicosis.
  • Nervous System: Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
  • Endocrine System : Acute occupational thyroid dysfunction or “acute radiation thyroidopathy,” autoimmune thyroiditis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.
  • Digestive System : Gastric cancer. Carcinoid tumor. Bile duct cancer. Esophageal cancer.
  • Reproductive/Urinary system : Miscarriage due to mental shock caused by witnessing a traumatic event; Hodgkin’s disease; prostate cancer; bladder cancer; kidney cancers etc.

2.Locate and assess the literature on occupational diseases and related conditions.

A person can acquire occupational disease or a related condition in the work place or elsewhere, but it is still classified as an occupational disease because it arose from their occupation.

Overexposure to harmful substances are thought to affect 8 million people worldwide.

Occupational hazards are present at every type of workplace- indoors and outdoors, formal and informal, paying jobs and volunteer activities.

Many occupational diseases go undiagnosed because many workers do not know that the problems they experience are due to their work environment. This leads them to conclude that other factors must be responsible for their symptoms which include headaches, memory loss, kidney damage etc..

The most common chronic occupational diseases include cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness with asthma as the most common outcome, cancer, and musculoskeletal pain (e.g. low back pain).

Occupational diseases can pose a serious threat to the economy because it adversely affect the well being of workers and also reduce productivity in terms of days missed due to sickness, higher medical costs and disability pensions as they grow older.

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3.Write in an academic style,  summarize, critique and synthesize relevant literature when writing  scientific reports within Occupational Health and Safety

If you are trying to write a scientific report within Occupational, there are four important pieces of content.

The first is the summarizing and explaining section which has a summary paragraph followed by an explanation on how this question is answered in relation to occupational health.

Secondly, there must be a critique of the study as it pertains to the next three sections.

Thirdly, there must be synthesis that includes what can be learned from this research and then conclude with what recommendations for future studies arise from this research.

Finally, if possible all sources need to have been cited at the end so others can replicate or verify findings without having to do other internet searching on their own time.

The most difficult aspect of scientific reports in Occupational biology is the synthesis and critical approach to scientific work. The goal is not merely to report another study, but to synthesize that research with all others before it.

This largely falls under “a need for cumulative knowledge” which must be met in order develop a full range of approaches and ideas within one given field of research (Hughes & Mazari 2008). It can also be argued that this synthesis should probably come after the data has been analyzed, as when the information becomes too much it may become hard or seem overwhelming at first.

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