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OHSE 2610 - OHS Practice UON assignment sample Singapore

OHSE 2610 – OHS Practice UON assignment sample Singapore

The course examines the fundamental principles and practices of occupational safety in a wide range of working environments, with reference to Singapore OHS legislation.

This course was designed to meet the requirements of the Singapore national OHS qualifications framework, and particularly to meet the needs of Singapore industry.

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The course draws on both theory and practice: students will work in teams each week, gaining hands-on experience with workplace safety issues.

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TOA,TMA,GBA Assignment sample of OHS practice module UON Singapore

At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn OHS practice module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Establish an OSH policy and procedures, objectives and processes to deliver results

You must establish an OSH policy and procedures, objectives and processes to deliver results.

Step 1 – Establishing a philosophy of Occupational safety or health management systems that is directed to the prevention as well as protection of all workers employed by the organization.

Step 2 – Numerate clearly the organizational objectives.

Step 3– Determine clear, explicit, measurable and achievable processes for achieving your stated objectives.

 Step 4– Identify roles and responsibilities for safe operation in all areas within the organization including your supplier affiliates.

2.Implement the processes

We need to implement the processes of OHS practice one way to get an overview of how we are doing in our organization’s OSH program is by compiling a bunch of data.

Information such as number and severity of accidents over time, number and severity of radiation exposures, nature and extent on injuries with cost calculations for both repairing/replacing damaged property as well as paying workers’ comp benefits.

We then compare trends with historical data e.g., rates in accidents per day or hours worked, rates in lost workdays per day or hours worked; etc., against the same benchmarks at other operations throughout the industry.

3.Monitor and measure processes and report the results

The objective of monitoring OHS practices is to assess and report the actual performance of a company in relation to agreed benchmarks. Benchmarks are typically set by SEI, ISO or International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) but also by an organization’s own management team.

These standards serve different audiences who may not share the same vocabulary or units for measuring themselves against others. ISO relies on Survey Data; one respondent grants a self-assessment classification while DISC and SIRE generate statistical data sourced from questionnaires submitted by human resource officers (HROs).

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The results are then cross-referenced with organizational charts collected at annual HRO meetings, which output into line associations between employees and their job descriptions.

Ultimately, it is the management team’s responsibility to report on a regular basis to all levels of the organization and make sure that staff are aware or remain aware as they proceed through their working career in the organization.

4.Take actions to continually improve OSH performances

We can Take actions to continually improve OSH performances. This is done by developing a strong commitment from the top of an organization, embedding safety in all decision-making and other processes, communicating how important it is to employees with continual reinforcement, delivering training that meets expectations for skill levels and job knowledge required.

And finally we complete self-assessment activities such as checking the safety at work conditions before starting each work day.”

It takes commitment on the part of leadership at all levels; continuous training for employees; understanding what we do and why it matters; thinking about various hazards or risks associated with our work environment really applying some thoughtfulness not just blindly going through motions.

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