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Updated on: 20th Feb 2021

National Hand Hygiene Singapore Essay Sample

Even though we do wash our hands regularly there are chances that we do not use the right method. The right way is as important as washing hands itself. Maintaining the cleanliness of our body is important. In order to maintain our health, we need to keep our bodies clean from head to toe.

Therefore, in this sample essay we will discuss the national hand hygiene campaign, the importance of washing hands properly, the proper way of washing hands, when do we need to wash our hands, hand sanitizer, and how to use hand sanitizer properly.

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The campaign by the Ministry of Health Singapore

The Ministry of health (also known as MOH) of Singapore runs the campaign of national hand hygiene. The same was also suggested by the WHO or world health organization. The MOH has published guidelines for hand hygiene. These guidelines include how to wash hands and the proper way of washing hands. All of this will be discussed below.

Importance of washing hands properly

As human beings, we navigate through our senses. After our sense of vision, our sense of touch is mostly used. This means that we use our hands for every second task if not every single task. Naturally, touching everything can get our hands dirty, and sometimes we may even catch some dangerous microorganism.

In order to keep ourselves safe from these microbes and keep people close to us safe. We need to maintain our hand hygiene. Using proper hand washes or soaps decreases the chances of harm from these bodies of dirt and microbes.

We shall discuss the proper way of washing hands and the eight steps of washing hands, in the next section.

​The proper way to wash hands according to MOH guidelines

Most people wash their hands just by running their hands through water. However, if you follow the right way you have to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with water and proper soap or hand wash.

The proper steps of washing hands are mentioned below. The eight-step hand washing technique is:

  1. ​Palm to palm
  2. Between fingers
  3. Back of hands
  4. Base of thumbs
  5. Back of fingers
  6. Fingernails
  7. Wrists
  8. Rinse and wipe dry

After following through eight steps of handwashing, you should also keep these precautions in your mind:

  • Avoid using cleaning cloths to wipe your hands that are not disposable as germs thrive on moist surfaces.
  • Use disposable towels and hand dryers in public washrooms.
  • Do not use a single wet cloth on multiple children at the same time

These steps will not only fresh-smelling hands but also kill the majority of germs.

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When to wash your hands

One should always keep their hands clean. However, there are certain situations where one absolutely should wash their hands. This is because this situation might be high risk if contaminated. Therefore having clean hands is a must to keep yourself and the people around you safe.

We will discuss when a person should wash their hands, before or after an activity, or both.

You should wash your hands After:

  • using the toilet
  • wiping or blowing your nose
  • you have coughed and sneezed
  • changing the diapers of a baby
  • you have touched common surfaces like lift buttons, handles, and tabletops
  • coming in contact with trash
  • visiting a hospital or a cemetery

You should wash your hands after and before

  • Handling or preparing food
  • Meals
  • Attending to a child or sick person
  • Wearing contact lenses

How To Use Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitisers

While traveling clean water or soap may not be available, so you should use alcohol-based hand sanitizers as an extra layer of security. The most common hand sanitizers are alcohol-based.

Below are the steps on how to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer for maximum effect.

Steps of using hand sanitizer properly

  • Alcohol-based sanitizers work best on clean skin.
  • Dry your hands before applying sanitizers, as water dilutes the alcohol in the sanitizer and decreases the effectiveness.
  • Apply a small amount of sanitizer to your hands
  • Rub your hand for up to  20 seconds or until your hands feel dry.

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