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Investment Banking and Corporate Finance SMU Assignment Sample Singapore

Investment Banking and Corporate Finance SMU Assignment Sample Singapore

Investment banking and corporate finance by experts of SMU to spread the awareness of financial institution-related works to the students. The assignment explains the mechanism of investment by stakeholders in the banking system and how it helps the financial institution to contribute to strengthening the economy of the nation.

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The module incorporates all the conceptual information of corporate finance, technical skills, banking mechanism, rules as to investment, etc, and how corporate finance is known for more competitiveness in comparison to banking and finance.

It develops the awareness acknowledge among the student as to the organization, structure, hierarchy, and business models of investment banks. The assignment sample encompasses the topic in its widest sense and furnishes insights on the dealing by investment banks and certain major approaches in business valuation.

To understand corporate finance, it is important to draw a framework in finance modeling that helps the analyst to draw a fruitful conclusion. This module prepares the students and bestows skills such as problem-solving, critical reasoning, methodologies, data acquisition, and analytical skills for a successful implementation of investment in banking.

It also contains the business models of different banks and how such models differ from corporate finance, as every financial institution develops distinct models to meet its desired objective. It discusses the investment banking landscape and the advent of technological advancement in the banking sector.

Investment Banking and Corporate Finance Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, the students inculcate skills of investment banking and corporate finance with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Understand the mechanics and key stakeholders of the investment banking ecosystem.

To understand the mechanics of key stakeholders, firstly it is necessary to comprehend the investment baking ecosystem that is a division of financial institutions. Such an ecosystem serves the financial need of the public as well as private institutions such as governments, corporates, banks, etc with the help of underwriting, merger, and acquisition, stock exchange, securities, and bonds.

Investment banking is different from investment banks and this module explains the distinction of both. Investment banking refers only to mergers and acquisitions and underwriting advisory services. Underwriting is the process to enter the stock market or stock exchange via an initial public offering process.

The main objective of the undertaking is to raise capital from public offerings and the underwriting groups work as a major link between the investors and the companies. On the other hand, mergers and acquisitions are about the advisory roles of both buyers as well as sellers.

2.Develop awareness of the organizational structure, hierarchy, and business models of investment banks.

In this assignment sample, the module spread awareness as to the organization of banks and how such structure varies from one bank to other. As the hierarchical structure of every bank is different and this module enables the students to understand the working mechanism of such hierarchy and business models of investments banks. The investment banks are that financial institution that laid down special emphasis on investment and the solved assignment explain the roles and responsibilities of such investment bank in the economy.

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3.Gain insights on the deal-making process undertaken by investment banks, from pitchbook to deal closing.

Every financial institution work and maintain a record of its finance in the financial year from pitchbook to deal closing. Such records help in assessing the deal-making process by such investment banks and make appropriate decisions. The assignment solution helps the students to understand the framework of such investment banks in the deal-making process and embodied technical abilities in the students.

4.Understand the key approaches to business valuation and framework in financial modeling.

There are different approaches to evaluate the business valuation and this module explains all such techniques that enable the students to furnish a problem-solving approach. The course not only facilitates academic teachings to the students but also embodies the empirical approach in the unit. It educates the students about research methodologies, data acquisition, and analytical skills that help the student to pursue a successful career in investment banking.

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