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ENVS 2710 - Environmental Control Practice UON assignment sample Singapore

ENVS 2710 – Environmental Control Practice UON assignment sample Singapore

Air, water and soil pollution can have significant impacts on human health. Waste management is a critical strategy to reduce these risks as it includes the control of air, water and soil pollutants through proper disposal by waste minimization strategies such as recycling or composting.

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Drainage systems provide protection from floods while also preventing wildlife habitats in urban environments; pest control prevents infestations that could result in disease outbreaks among humans or other animals; sanitation helps ensure public safety through prevention of communicable diseases like Cholera which thrives when people use contaminated drinking water sources

The following passage details overviews for various types of environmental problems including: Air Pollution (air), Water Pollution (water) Soil Pollution(soil).

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At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn environmental control practice module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Identify sources of air, water and land pollution associated with major industries, understand the impacts to the environment and devise strategies to control and prevent pollution.

Sources of air pollution: vehicle exhaust, coal powered plants, oil refining and combustion at power plants and gas stations, chemicals in paint fumes with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as tetrafluoroethane or trichloroethylene emitted from coke oven emission.

Sources of water pollution: runoff from agriculture into streams and rivers; contamination of groundwater by pesticide use on crops that are later irrigated with the contaminated ground water, mining activities including acidic drainage from some metals mines enters waterways. Industrial dumping can have a substantial impact on local water quality even for remote streams.

Depending on where you live, the impact to the environment can have some really significant effects.

For example in China, the air pollution sometimes reaches such a high level that they will issue an “orange” or “red” warning telling people to stay inside and not go outside because it is dangerous for your health. In India, there is often enough waste covering roads that people can’t drive through it. In both countries, levels of particulates in the air are higher than what international organizations deem safe for human health (China) or above 700 micrograms per cubic meter (India). This is about 3x as high as what EPA deems safe for humans!

2.Identify relevant legislation for environmental control and advise on strategies for compliance;

Legislation is usually for the protection of people and property, and not the environment. So while there’s a great effort to make polluters pay at the local subnational level by regulating emissions from power plants or enforcing anti-litter laws, these efforts don’t always do much to regulate emissions in other countries or slow down climate change.

There are ways we can take action that directly limit our impact on the environment that legislation does not address. For example, Solar Panels generate electricity with no harmful emissions and earn you a tax credit from Uncle Sam so solar energy actually generates money for you over time (in addition to saving you money).

3.Understand and manage environmental risks of chemicals and hazardous substances;

Environmental risks are concerns related to natural resources such as air, water, and land. They may result from chemical residues on food crops; release into the environment of wastes from production facilities or products; or exposure to substances with biological activity in the home or workplace.

Regulations that have been developed under international agreements such as the Stockholm Convention for Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), among others, regulate releases and bans but they are not always practical or enforceable. Damage can also be irreversible.

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Fortunately, there are many steps that individuals can take in order to reduce their potential environmental risk some basic ideas include turning off lights when you leave a room, renovating your home to lower its heating expenses through insulation and energy-efficient appliances and windows, reducing the amount of waste you throw away by buying used goods when available, and limiting your use of disposable products.

4.Assess and manage environmental noise problems;

There are 5 ways to manage environmental noise problems :

  1. Use sound barriers (e.g., fences/walls) to reduce the amount of noise outdoors and indoors;
  2. Add mass (e.g., bricks) into walls that face noisy areas for insulation, thus reducing sympathetic vibrations or echoes inside building partitions;
  3. Insulate or shield construction equipment machinery and other sources of mechanical noise from passing through the workplace in order not to “create” more sound inside buildings by creating new paths for vibration;
  4. Provide acoustic spaces where people can work without a need of external speakers (these could be meeting rooms), use soft furnishings on floors, carpets etc.;

5.Assess environmental health issues such as vector-borne disease and food-borne disease and devise appropriate vector control and food hygiene measures.

Determining whether vector-borne disease is an issue with the environment can be done by a review of health data. In areas where vector-borne diseases such as malaria are common, reviewing the incidence and severity of these types of cases would indicate how well environmental conditions have been managed in that area.

Vector borne disease tie into many challenges faced by developing countries including poverty, lack of education, poor infrastructure for sanitation and water treatment, depletion of natural resources, disturbance or destruction to habitats that provide migration routes (or mosquito breeding sites), increased populations living along waterways or other mixed farming environments where animal and wildlife coexist with humans – all at risk for transmission. The underlying premise is good public health policy based on prelist mapping.

6.Systematically address waste production and strategies to minimize and manage the waste stream

The first step is to reduce the amount of food you purchase and prepare.

Second, if it’s possible, find a nearby compost facility and start putting wet waste there, like egg shells or old salad greens.

Third – Find a recycling service that will pick up food scraps from your kitchen. If you have a dog or cat, ask for recyclable drop offs! This keeps them out of the landfill and feeds local animals as well. It may sound gross but composting pasteurized kitchen scraps is quite common in Europe.

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Also provide easy-to-read instructions to guests about what can be thrown in the trash/recycling bins so they don’t discard things incorrectly. Rubbish tips – compostable disposal bags are perfect for many small kitchen scraps.

You simply break down your food waste into as small pieces as possible and put it in the bags, then tie up the bag(s) and throw them in a compost bin or pile. Use these bags frequently and you won’t have much trash to throw out!

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