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Updated on: 27th Sep 2021

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Dressing Guidelines Essay for Singaporeans

This essay sample is on Diabetic Foot Ulcer Dressing Guidelines for Singaporeans. Here we will cover  What is a diabetic foot ulcer?, Wound management in diabetic foot ulcers, Different types of dressing used in Singapore, Steps of dressing a diabetic foot ulcer, etc.

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Introduction- Diabetic Foot Ulcer Dressing Guidelines Essay for Singaporeans

The topic of “Diabetic foot ulcer” is well-known in the field of healthcare. In fact, diabetes is one of the most common medical conditions. We shall be discussing one of the most crucial parts of it. “Diabetic Foot Ulcer Dressing Guidelines”.

Moreover, this topic is quite an important one for medical students. For the same reason, we shall be providing all the necessary information related to the topic. We shall be dividing the sample essay into different sections for the sake of simplicity and clarity.

Moving on, we shall be starting our discussion with the definition of the “diabetic foot ulcer”. Reason being that it is important to understand before moving to advanced concepts. So without further adieu:

Main body- Diabetic Foot Ulcer Dressing Guidelines Essay for Singaporeans

What is a diabetic foot ulcer?

The term “Diabetic Foot Ulcer” refers to a medical condition that is seen in diabetes patients in Signapore. Appearance vise resembles an open sore or wound that is usually seen but not necessarily on the bottom of the foot. In addition to this, as much as 15% of total diabetic patients show this medical condition. Out of these, a total of 6% are hospitalized. The reason being infection or complications related to ulcers.

Moreover, diabetes causes the majority of non-traumatic lower-extremity amputations. Plus, foot ulceration amounts to 85% of these amputations. Thus, wound management and dressing of diabetic foot ulcers have become quite an important procedure. 

Moving on, we shall be looking at the topic of wound management in diabetic foot ulcers in the next section of the sample essay. So without further adieu:

Wound management in diabetic foot ulcer

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at wound management in diabetic foot ulcers. So, wound management is a wide concept. Its main aim is to look after the healing process of diabetic feet. This involves proper dressing of the concerned area, prevention, and management of infection, managing mechanical influence as well as the maturation process.

Different types of dressing used in Singapore

Different types of wounds and conditions require different classes of dressing. The reason being the different medical nature of wounds. Thus, we shall be looking at these different types or classes of dressing below:


“Low-adherence” or saline-soaked gauze dressing is considered the standard dressing treatment for diabetic foot ulcers. Moreover, this class of dressing is quite inexpensive. These are designed to be atraumatic but do not provide any protection against any infection.


This type of dressing is yet another popular choice of dressing in diabetic foot ulcers. In addition to this, it has a variety of thermal insulation and absorbency. On top of that, foam-based dressing is easier to shape.

Iodine preparations

Iodine preparation is a form of antiseptic. As such, this type of dressing is quite commonly used even though there are no advantages. Moreover, this class of dress is used for dressing locally infected wounds.

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Steps of dressing a diabetic foot ulcer

Here, we shall be looking at the different steps involved in dressing diabetic foot ulcers. So without further adieu:

  1. Gathering all the necessary supplies for the process
  2. Setting up the area for a medical procedure
  3. Carefully removing the old dressing of the wound
  4. Cleaning the wound to prevent infection and remove discharge
  5. Filling the open sore or wound with a required wound filler
  6. Redressing the wound with uttermost care
  7. Cleaning the contaminated equipment and getting rid of old dressing.


It is important to dress a diabetic foot ulcer because it can lead to amputation if left untreated. In Singapore, there are different types of dressing that you may use for your wound management needs. These include foam padding, gauze pads or socks, and antibiotic ointment with plaster adhesive strips as well as hydrocolloid gel dressings among others. The best way to manage a diabetic foot ulcer is by following the steps listed above in this post so be sure not to miss out on them! Remember, always consult an experienced doctor before applying any type of treatment option since they have the most knowledge about how diabetes affects patients differently from other people.

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