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Updated on: 7th Sep 2023

Depression and Social Care Essay Sample

This sample essay. will be discussing depression and social care. Even though depression is a wide-spread mental disorder; it is still not known well enough.  Common people without proper knowledge often confuse it with grief or sadness.

As a result, many people do not receive the right treatment. Therefore we will be going through various topics to clarify what depression is. Other topics of discussion will be Symptoms, Causes, Social care. We will also be looking at the likes of the Difference Between depression and grief and how to tackle it.

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What is depression?

A major depressive disorder is known in psychological terms is a common yet serious medical illness. This disorder negatively affects the cognitive process and behavioral patterns.

In addition to that, it also causes several physical and emotional problems. Even though depression symptoms include grief, they are not the same. Fortunately, this disorder is curable, and most suffers do recover after

Depression Symptoms 

As we read in the previous paragraph, Depression is not limited to sadness and grief. Depression symptoms are mentioned below. It should be noted that symptoms may vary depending on the severity of the illness.

Nevertheless, symptoms are but not limited to:

  • Depressed and sad mood
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies
  • Changes in appetite
  • Weight loss or gain unrelated to dieting
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Feeling unenergetic and tired
  • Inability to sit still, pacing, hand-wringing
  • Slowed movements or speech
  • Feeling worthless or guilty without any proper reason to feel so
  • Difficulty thinking, concentrating, or decision making
  • Suicidal thoughts

What are the Depression Causes?

There are several factors that may cause depression.  Anyone can be affected by this mental disorder.  In fact, one out of six people experiences it once in their life.

Therefore, it is a good practice to understand what can cause this illness. The causes are but not limited to:

  • Abuse: emotional, physical, or sexual abuse history increases the chances of depression.
  • Certain medications: Some mediation may have side effects and can cause depression.
  • Death or a loss: loved ones’ death can also cause depression, coexisting with grief and sadness.
  • Major events: Major events such as losing a job, changing a house, getting divorced.
  • Serious illnesses: depression may co-exist with a major illness or may be triggered by another medical condition.
  • Substance abuse: Substance abuse or drug addiction acts as a catalyst to depression.
  • Genetics: If there is a depression history in the family, there are higher chances of being affected.

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Social care 

Social care means the psychological provided by a social network to help individuals cope with stress.  This care comes in different forms.

Even, giving advice to a friend when they are in a difficult situation and providing caring, empathy, and concern for loved ones in need,  is considered social care.

Often people require emotional support, especially during depression. As people suffering from it, experience negative thoughts they need someone to talk sense into them. Emotional support from someone close can be even more beneficial than it may seem.

Types of Social care

Social care and support come in different forms and helps different people.  Because as we know no two people are same. Moving on, the different types of social care and support are as mentioned below:

  • Emotional care
  • Instrumental Support
  • Informational care

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