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CS8500 Communicating Effectively in Times of Crisis NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) communicating effectively in times of crisis module modular covers organizations that are battling and experiencing crisis increases every day. The NTU CS8500 will focus on external crises or internal crises happening to the organizations operating in Singapore.

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The CS8500 communicating effectively in times of crisis module Educational objectives

The NTU module communicating effectively in times of crisis is liberal studies (LS) and Liberal Arts (LA) elective.

Upon completion of the CS8500 course, students would be able to learn

1. Students would be able to gain knowledge on Strategic Crisis Management

You will be able to learn strategic crisis management as a multifaceted discipline that involves various management issues components in the CS8500 curriculum.

2. Understand various aspects related to crisis management and crisis communication

By dealing with this course you will be able to experience the forms of crisis battled by the organizations. For that this module will highlight the significance of crisis communication

3. To know how to analyze conflict recovery and to find conflict resolution

In Singapore crisis is happening to any organization from anywhere and at any time. The SMRT crisis has dogged the headlines for many years in Singapore that you will study in the CS8500 NTU notes.

4. To learn about the internal crisis faced by the organization like ethical issues in business or financial misappropriation

The Enterprises must recognize the probability of occurrence of the internal crisis and how to manage such a crisis. How Employees should be prepared to mitigate such a crisis situation would be learned through this NTU module.

5. To study external crisis faced by the organization for instance terrorism or policy mismanagement

  • To prepare a plan to deal with external crises that can be faced by the businesses in the future.
  • To learn about these unexpected and sudden events that can disturb the employees and the management.

6. To understand how to deal with the occurrence of crisis by taking Preventive measures

The organization must be equipped with conflict resolution plans if there is the occurrence of a crisis. Scholars will see preventive measures that can include anticipating and preparing a plan, responding immediately, stopping spreading rumors, and correcting misinformation.

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7. To forecast the probability of the crisis of occurrence and to recognize where it began and what next to do

  • To map the occurrence of such situations in advance and should know the next step to avoid a loss that may arise in the future to the organization.
  • These steps will be discussed in NTU communicating effectively in times of crisis notes.

8. To provide participants in-depth knowledge on the fundamentals related to crisis Communications

Here NBS students will understand the principles of crisis communication through presentations and case studies. This program will help students in understanding the nature of a crisis, true practical exercises, and examination of case studies.

9. To strategically manage the crisis effectively

It will include crisis planning, initial crisis response, and planning to communicate crisis through scenario-based exercises conducted in the CS8500 classroom. Learn how to thrive in a crisis.

10. Participants will understand various techniques used to communicate effectively

Through class discussions, you would be able to communicate and handle different situations arising in crisis how to manage conflicting perspectives arising in the crisis conversation. Delivering important information in a transparent, clear, and quick manner

11. Get familiar with the challenges related to communication that arises in the present crisis-situations

Through the examination of case studies, we have a broad understanding of how to face challenges and how to navigate obstacle and bring out the best effort by a team

12. Learn to adopt the proactive approach and create an action plan by dealing with major incidents

Prepare an action plan and encourage your team members to prioritize what matters the most and to adopt a growth mindset. We will learn some practical techniques to be applied in major incidents to make the successful operational management of it.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. 1 Who should attend the CS8500 communicating effectively in times of crisis course?

Ans: This course should be attended by emergency planning personal managers, PR professionals, and others who want to enhance their confidence and develop their skills in the field of crisis communication.

Q. 2 How to achieve good marks in the CS8500 NTU module?

Ans: Students are advised to study from NTU PYP solution and from the provided course material to achieve good grades. You can also go through subject reviews provided online before taking admission into this curriculum.

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