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CRM201 Policing and Crime Prevention Assignment Sample

CRM201 Policing and Crime Prevention Assignment Sample Murdoch Singapore

Crime in society is one of the dreadful evils that exist and create fear in the minds of the citizen but with the help of law and order, it can be curtailed. This assignment sample provides a thorough knowledge for crime prevention as what are the various policies, approaches, values, programs, techniques, methods, and means that should be adopted by the authorities.

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The executive like police personnel play a major role in preventing the commission of a crime and allow the citizens of the state to live a fearless life. Various strategies can be opted by police personnel in controlling the crime rate from the country and all such policies have been elaborated in this solved assignment sample.

CRM201 Policing and Crime Prevention Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students enable to understand crime prevention and policing with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.What police can do to reduce crime, disorder, and fear

The assignment same explain the strategies and methods to reduce the crime rate from the society so that citizen of the state can live a fearless life. There are certain studies conducted in this aspect that show police effectiveness in curtailing the crime rate and fear from society.

Such strategies focus on two points that are the diversity of approaches and the level of focus required. And in formulating effective strategies for curtailing the crime, the evidence forms a crucial aspect in the same, this is the reason that various studies point out the significance of evidence in shaping the policies.

The investigation conducted by police personnel and the mechanism they adopt in maintaining law and order in society is the various techniques to curb crime. Certain policies help in reducing crime from society such as hot-spots policing, community policing, a strong body of evidence, etc. Yet, the assignment sample explains the policies that assist police in reducing crime, disorder and fear.

2.How to build efficient crime prevention strategies?

For establishing law and order in society it is important to work on building effective prevention strategies for controlling the crime rate. The policymakers focused on drafting the policies in such a manner that it prevents the commission of an offence and developing reformative punishments for the offender so that the development of the same could be secured.

This is the reason innovative strategies for preventing crimes is a major focus of the authorities such as development prevention program is given to the students in their early age of studies so to refrain them from any criminal behaviour. In this solved assignment, students learn about all such efficient crime prevention strategies and certain programs that help in executing such policies throughout the state.

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3.Super controllers and crime prevention: A routine activity explanation of crime prevention success and failure.

In this digitized era, crime prevention needs to be done in association with information technology and this module covers the explanation of crime prevention. Certain institutions established for controlling the crime from the society and the routine activity theory explains the rate of crime prevention success and failure.

4.Preventing Police Corruption in Singapore: The Role of Recruitment, Training, and Socialization.

In this assignment sample, we discuss the process for recruitment, training of police personnel and what are the measures that have been taken place by authorities to curb corruption from the state.

Like any kind of illegal gratification leads to an increase in the crime rate in the society and if executives do not work in compliance with the procedure established by law, it became difficult to reduce crime and fear from the minds of the people living in society.

5.Explain various Crime prevention: approaches, practices, and evaluations.

To reduce crime, there are various approaches and practices exercised by the executives in achieving the same. The solved assignment discussed such approaches and practices that help in curtailing the crime. It is noteworthy that proper examination of regular activity conducted by police executives is one of the best ways in crime prevention and this module explains all such evaluation methods that help in doing the same.

6. What Development in crime prevention should take place?

Developmental crime prevention is the method to evaluate the risk factor and strengthening the protective factor for reducing risk. There are a lot of studies conducted in the field of developmental crime prevention and growing evidence in the same. The outcomes from the studies conducted in behavioural research, psychology, economics, neuroscience and other explain the factors that exist in the offenders and how it can be cured.

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The assignment sample above is based on CRM201 Policing and Crime Prevention Assignment Sample Murdoch.

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