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BU8101 Assessment Answer – Accounting a User Perspective NTU

The field of accounting is useful in providing important information required by the stakeholders and business organization for decision making. The NTU BU8101 is a basic module for non-business and non-accounting students to expose them to managerial and financial accounting.

To teach the Singaporean undergrads regarding the accounting environment, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore offers BU8101 Accounting a user perspective course.

Scholars will learn about the various techniques and fundamental concepts in managerial and financial accounting by solving business problems. Several students Aspire to start with their startup or business. For this students should study the BU8101 NTU course with full attention and complete all the assignments provided during the curriculum. To get information about course pre-requisites, content and codes students should fetch the entire details through NTU module mapping.

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The Framework of BU8101 Accounting a user perspective course

The BU8101 Accounting syllabus will teach students about the broad range of accounting concepts. This NTU course is beneficial for non-business and non-accounting students as they would be able to use, analyze, interpret, and understand the financial statement concepts.

The topics included in this BU8101 course are the introduction to accounting; analysis and interpretation of financial statements; the accounting cycle; financial statements; tools for control and planning managerial accounting; tools managerial accounting fundamentals; cost analysis; and performance evaluation.

By the end of the BU8101 module, students would have to undergo the final examination of 50% marks. In addition to this, the other components of the BU8101 assessment include an online quiz, presentation, class participation, and group assignment that collectively consist of 50% marks.

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Learning objectives of BU8101 Accounting a user perspective module

Upon completing this BU8101 elective module students would be able to understand the value, scope, and role of information required to achieve and manage the goals of business organizations.

1. Acquisition of knowledge

  • To understand the interrelationship between business and accounting
  • To learn how to record business transactions and to show their impact on financial statements.  The business transactions are greatly impacted by Business decisions
  • To understand the structure, the role of control functions and accounting within the Enterprise
  • To learn the basic qualitative and quantitative techniques for analyzing and interpreting financial information. Then using this relevant financial information in controlling, planning, and decision making.

2. Decision-making and problem-solving

A). To develop the ability in students of using the relevant financial information for controlling, planning, and decision-making to achieve organizational objectives

B). To develop problem-solving skills within the students and enhance their ability to evaluate key elements recognizing ethical concerns, determining alternatives, and selecting the best out of them.

In addition to these learners would be able to develop their group working skills, communication, and presentation skills also. As this BU8101 assessment carries substantial weightage students need to submit all the assignments within the deadline to achieve good marks in the BU8101 NTU result.

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Q 4. What is meant by accounting?

Ans: Accounting or accountancy is defined as a process to communicate and measure non-financial and financial information regarding various economic entities like corporations and businesses.

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