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BPM303 Project Development and Finance SUSS Assignment Sample, Singapore

The BPM303 Project Development and Finance course teaches students about the process of developing a project from inception to commissioning, including topics such as land-use planning processes, property/project development strategies-including how governments are involved in these areas-, financing options for building projects (i.e., capital budgeting), issues associated with project feasibility studies like cash flows or cost efficiency); various types of financial arrangements used by different countries around the world when it comes time to finance construction as well as many others.

Students enrolled in this course analyze a project from the planning stage to the implementation stage that has been proposed for their city using real-life data from various sources such as government publications, newspapers, or magazines. In order to strengthen students’ practical skills and enable them to prepare for future endeavors by offering a unique experience not generally offered by university courses, the BPM303 course is assigned a real-life development project to analyze by City Council.

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Some of the tasks associated with this assignment include an initial evaluation of the proposed project, a review of the relevant bylaws and regulations that will impact the project, financial analysis of the proposed development and an assessment of the environmental and social impacts.

The students in this course are also asked to develop various alternatives for the project and make recommendations to the City Council. Finally, once the project is approved by the City Council, the students are responsible for preparing a project description and budget that would be used to apply for funding from different levels of government.

Solved BPM303 Project Development and Finance Assignment SUSS 

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Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate understanding of how properties and infrastructure are developed and managed

The development of property and infrastructure is a local, state, and national issue.

At the Local level, cities or villages can manage their own property rights with or without state support. Planning is usually done by administrators consisting of private architects who plan based on the demands from potential developers, investors, and homeowners. Planning at this level can be handled through outreach programs in which city planners will talk to people surrounding the area about how they would like it to develop. 

State regulation of Property Rights can differ depending on your location but typically falls under restrictions such as zoning boards that outline land use for any given region by permitting different activities in specific areas according to municipal planning schemes for residential neighborhoods that reduce population densities when there are environmental consequences. 

National regulation typically oversees interstate commerce and infrastructure development to make sure it meets certain standards, though this is often delegated to state or local governments.

The benefits of developing property can be seen at all levels of government, with more tax revenue generated from businesses as they grow and create jobs. Infrastructure improvements can also lead to decreases in crime rates as well as an increase in economic development as people move into the area to take advantage of the new opportunities. At the national level, these improvements can lead to an increase in GDP and a higher standard of living.

When done correctly, property and infrastructure development can be a major boon to local economies, with positive ripple effects that reach throughout the country. It is important, however, to make sure that these projects are planned and executed properly in order to avoid any negative consequences. By working together at all levels of government, we can ensure that property and infrastructure development benefits everyone involved.

Assignment Task 2: Discuss how projects are financed

Projects are financed in one of four ways: Self-financing, Debt financing, Leasing, and Equity financing.

  • Self-financing is typically limited to very small projects because it does not offer multiple sources of capital.
  • Debt financing is the primary form of financial investment for high equity investments with few assets or assets that can be easily repossessed (typically known as “equity”), has become expensive, complicated and challenging to use due both to the economic downturn and to federal legislation intended to protect investors from risky debt products offering higher yields than bank deposits (“credit”)
  • Leasing is an option worth considering if you cannot operate or want someone else to operate your property or equipment.
  • Equity financing is the process of selling a portion of your business ownership in return for cash. This type of financing is often used by businesses that have little or no debt, but need money to expand their operations or cover other costs. There are two types of equity investors: angels and venture capitalists.

Venture capitalists work in groups and are typically funded by foundations, universities, pension funds, and insurance companies. They often have a specialization such as life sciences or information technology. VC s  look for high returns on their investments and will put up large sums of money that need to be repaid, with interest,  over time. 

Assignment Task 3: Appraise the project development process

The Five Tasks of Project Development

1). Initiating the project- The initiation phase is when the client and project manager establish goals for accomplishing a task. For example, if one were to complete a house, they would define how many bedrooms and bathrooms they want in addition to what kind of materials should be used for exterior and interior walls. It is important that all aspects of the final product are considered during this stage so that once construction begins everything will be completed properly and according to specifications. 

2). Planning- Once goals for completion have been established, one can plan how their resources will contribute toward achieving those goals. For instance, if it has been decided during project initiation that low quality materials such as particle board should not be used in the construction of the house, then a plan to purchase higher quality materials must be made. The planning stage is also when specific strategies and tasks are created in order to meet deadlines and budgets.

3). Executing- The execution phase is when the majority of the work for the project is actually completed. This could involve physically building the house, or might involve creating a mobile app. In either case, it is during this stage that the majority of work occurs and where the bulk of time is spent.

4). Monitoring- During monitoring, project managers ensure that deadlines are being met and goals are being achieved. This phase also involves evaluating certain tasks in order to understand whether they were successful or not. This information can then be used to improve future projects.

5). Closing- The closing phase is the final stage of a project and usually entails compiling all of the data collected during the monitoring and evaluation stages in order to create a report. This report can then be used to improve future projects.

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Each of these five tasks is important to the success of a project. If one of these tasks is neglected or does not fall into place properly, it can cause problems with an entire project. For example, if during initiation the client neglects to stress the importance of high quality materials for building, then when construction begins problems can occur due to this mistake. The clients may find that they cannot properly build the house as planned because of the low quality materials and thus may have to spend more time and money making necessary changes. Although these five steps seem straightforward, it is exceedingly important that all five factors are taken into consideration during project development for optimal results.

Assignment Task 4: Apply appropriate techniques for project development

  • Identify the problem – Zero in on issues through stepwise refinement of the goal until you’ve identified your area of concern 
  • Determine feasibility – Identify what’s needed to reach your objective, identify risks that could prevent them from being achievable and come up with mitigation strategies if any are found
  • Evaluate rework potential – Determine levels of investment necessary for requirements gathering activities, use stakeholder analysis to determine how participants might react given their interest in outcomes and determine remaining risk using SWOT analysis
  • Develop a plan – Once you have all of the information, develop a plan detailing what needs to happen when and who is responsible for it.

Requirements gathering can seem like a daunting task, but breaking it down into smaller steps can make it more manageable. By identifying the problem you’re trying to solve, determining feasibility and evaluating rework potential, you can develop a plan that will help you reach your objective.

If you’re having trouble getting started, it might help to think about the problem from different angles. Try writing down what you know about the problem and then brainstorming possible solutions. Once you have a few ideas, you can start evaluating them to see which one is the most feasible.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, gathering requirements is an important step. By taking the time to do it correctly, you can avoid headaches down the road and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Assignment Task 5: Analyze financial performance

To analyze financial performance in Project Development and Finance we must first review both of these variables. What does this mean? It means we need to understand what each variable is and how they affect each other.

A project can be defined as any endeavor involving producing anything new or improving anything old with the aim of making it more useful or enjoyable than before. There are three common approaches taken toward projects: (1) Come up with an idea, plan it all out, and take action; (2) Outsource portions of work which would cost too much if performed in-house; (3) Combine approaches one and two.

The first step in project development is to come up with an idea. This can be done by individuals, teams, or businesses. Once the idea is generated, it must be planned out. This includes developing a strategy, setting goals and objectives, creating a timeline, and estimating the cost of the project. The final step is taking action. This involves implementing the plan, monitoring and adjusting as needed, and completing the project.

Project finance is financing that supports the purchase of assets that are used for productive purposes. It is commonly used in projects involving the construction of buildings, dams, roads, factories, ships, aircraft or other long-term capital expenditure items.

The two main sources are debt and equity. One of these sources will be more prevalent depending on the specific project being financed. A third option may also be used which is a hybrid structure involving both debt and equity.

It is also important to note that the sources of financing used for project development are different than those for operating or expansion projects. The most common method used in new or greenfield projects involves raising money from banks and other financial institutions through a mix of term loans, mezzanine finance (or junior debt), and shareholder equity.

Assignment Task 6: Set up a contingency financial plan

You should create a contingency financial plan to be used for project development. Below are a few steps you can take to create this plan:

  1. Create a list of the most expensive parts of your project, both hardware and software 
  2. Calculate for how much each part will cost you in the worst case scenario 
  3. List some possible budget problems (examples include things such as needing more money later on or not enough staff) 
  4. Look up how many hours it will take you to continue with this project and divide by the number of months it is going to take before you start getting revenue from it 

The result will give an overview of estimated costs and possible budgeting issues that may arise, an example can be seen below

Parts of project:

Hardware – $500 (including labor to install)

Software – $400 (including labor to install)

Budgeting problems:

More money is needed later on in the project, for this reason it is best to use an estimate instead of a fixed number

Not enough staff available to complete the project in the estimated time frame, will need to outsource some work at a higher cost.

Based on the calculations above, it is best to budget $2000 for this project in case of any unforeseen expenses. This number may change as more information about the project becomes available, but it is a good base to plan from.

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