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Who won’t like if they get a chance to select their choice of course or subject to study for the whole semester? Singaporean students get this golden opportunity to select an academic endeavour of their choice under the supervision of their professor.

The Singapore University of Social Sciences which comes under the list of top universities in Singapore offers a BSc Management and Security Studies Programme. This programme divides various courses into three categories i.e. core compulsory, compulsory and elective courses. The catalogue of the elective subject consists of the above-mentioned students’ loving course i.e. BIS388 Independent Study.

The part-time undergraduate BSc programme in SUSS University provides compulsory courses in miscellaneous specialities like security and technology, non-traditional security, management, terrorism and psychology,  and government and security etc. In all these compulsory courses students need to get good marks in TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) for the betterment of final aggregate. Students also need to submit their well-prepared FYP (Final Year Project) which coupled with TMA holds 40% marks of the end result of the course.

Apart from the compulsory courses, students also get an opportunity to study some courses of their choices. The index of elective courses offers the freedom to the students for choosing any appropriate academic endeavour which they like to study. Numerous students of Singapore pick the BIS388 Independent Study course from the schedule of elective courses. As this course provides the liberty to select their choice of academic endeavour.

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How does the BIS388 Independent Study Course work?

The BIS388 Independent Study course is a single- semester course which enables Singaporean students to work upon a selected academic endeavour under the direct supervision of the assigned academic supervisor. In this course, any approved form of academic endeavour can be selected such as short internship stint, short research project or any independent overseas study trip, etc. The academic endeavour to be chosen can either be proposed by the school or by the students themselves. The academic endeavour which any student is choosing must be firstly checked and approved by the school and academic supervisor.

Also, the academic endeavour which any student wishes to select must submit his proposal before the beginning of that particular semester in which the enlisted course lies. The student should get his proposal approved and start preparing for that at the starting of the semester itself. The proposal of each student will be thoroughly supervised the school as well as the supervisor and then will get approval for execution.

Any additional activity in BIS388 Independent Study Course?

The BIS388 Independent Study course not only gives students a chance to select their choice of academic endeavour but also ensures students to complete different activities. In addition to the studies, the BIS388 Independent Study course consists of two components for assessments. The two components of the assessments are OCAS component and OES component. Both of the components hold a significant weightage in the final result of the course.

The OCAS component which is the minor component of the assessment carries 40% weightage of marks in the end term result. In the same fashion, the OES component which is considered as the major one carries 60% weightage of the total course marks. Both are equally important for the students pursuing the BIS388 Independent Study course and need to score well in each component.

Although students are allowed to study their choice of topic, research project or overseas studies but then also they are busy with their work of that selected academic endeavour. Despite enjoying the freedom of studying what they like to study, they come into a situation of stress and tension. They don’t have time to complete the BIS388 Independent Study assessments. They start hunting for some assignment help from which they can get readymade assessment answers.

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Liberty for the students?

The Singaporean students who wish to opt the BIS388 Independent Study course have a privilege of choosing their own topic for the complete semester. The only thing they need to do is to get an approval of their proposed topic from the Dean’s office.

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What to do for completing BIS388 Independent Study Assessments?

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