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Billy is a Tenant of an Apartment Owned by David. Ten Days ago, Billy Received a Letter from David: Business Law Assignment, NTU

Question 1 Billy is a tenant of an apartment owned by David. Ten days ago, Billy received a letter from David which stated that he (David) was "interested in selling" his apartment for $300,000, and asked Billy to let him know by post if he (Billy) was "interested". Three days later, Billy posted a letter to David in which he agreed to buy the apa

Identify the Current Issue/Problem in Your Neighborhood/Community : Persuasive Communication Assignment, NTU

Problem Identify the current issue/problem in your neighborhood/community Provide background information regarding the issue/problem Identify who is affected by the issue/problem Ensure that the cause(s) of the problem is(are) clearly written Provide sufficient evidence to support the problem statement According to the Natio

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Why is Deductive Iogic, Thinking-Logic-Formal Logic Itself : Economics Assignment, NTU

First assignment: 1.Why is deductive logic, thinking-logic-formal logic itself, the only scientific thinking form? Why is it extremely important to the theoretical system of scientific truth?cta_question_12. In your opinion, what is the difference between dialectical logic, formal logic and sophistry? Please try to express the similarities

HE4001: A Decision-maker has Income x0 in Period 0 and Income Varying: Advanced Microeconomics Assignment, NTU

Question 1Consider the following savings problem. A decision-maker has income x0 in period 0 and income varying randomly between x1−ε and x1+ ε in period 1 (ε>0); the outcomes are equally likely. Now, the individual can save an amount s in period 0 returning (non‐randomly) rs, with r > 0, 0 ≤ s ≤ x0, in period 1. The individual

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HG2033: Shane’s Utterance Inline 2 Might Look Like a Description of a State of Affairs: Introduction to Conversation Analysis Assignment, NTU

Final Extract Analysis Paper (Individual Assignment)By now, you should be familiar with the level of details that conversation analytical work requires. You would also already had some practice when attempting your Short Extract Analysis Paper in locating some sort of interesting interactional phenomenon in a stretch of talk, and then analyzing

Critically Evaluate (One Ethical Theory in this Course) Utilitarianism, Deontological Theory, Ethics of Care: Philosophy Assignment, NTU

Assignment Question:Critically evaluate (one ethical theory in this course) Utilitarianism, deontological theory, ethics of care.cta_question_3Marking criteria1. demonstrate knowledge of relevant materials.2. research and obtain relevant materials3. engage in critical thinking4. able to write effectively and in an academ

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BF2302: FT is a Leading Commodity Trading Company Headquartered in Singapore: International Trading Law Assignment, NTU

Case StudyFT is a leading commodity trading company headquartered in Singapore.SL is a company that processes, packs, and sells soybeans from over 20 farms across Australia.FT purchased 100 metric tons of “Australian grown non-GMO (non-genetically modified) soybeans” from SL. The purchase was made under a CIF contract, goods to be s

MH1810: Find the Area of the Largest Trapezium that can be Inscribed in a Circle of Radius 1: Math 1 Assignment, NTU

Questions:1. Find the area of the largest trapezium that can be inscribed in a circle of radius 1 and whose base is a diameter of the circle.2. Use Newton’s method to find the absolute maximum value (up to 6 decimal places) of the function f (x) = x sin x; 0≤x≤π.cta_question_13. Express the following as a definite integral

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HW0288: The Covid-19 Global Pandemic has Severely Disrupted the Business Operations: Engineering Communication II Essay, NTU

Case ScenarioThe Covid-19 global pandemic has severely disrupted the business operations of many if not all, companies in Singapore as well as in the world. To minimise the risk of outbreaks and provide a safe working environment, the Singapore government has drawn up a set of Safe Management Measures (SMMs). Companies in Singapore are required

You have been Asked by Smithson Care Company to Advise Them on Selecting a Graduate: Psychology Assignment, NTU

Assignment Brief:You have been asked by Smithson Care Company to advise them on selecting a Graduate to fill the post of Public Relations and Marketing Assistant. You will design a selection process that will help them select the best candidate. Write a report documenting a selection process that could be used to select this person. You should

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