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WSQ Perform Work in Confined Space Operation assignment sample Singapore

WSQ Perform Work in Confined Space Operation assignment sample Singapore

The course was originally called Safety Orientation Course, but then renamed to Perform Work in Confined Space Operation. It’s mandatory for workers who are going into Manholes or other confined spaces on the job site and all of their safety is covered during this class.

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Perform Work in Confined Space Operations (PWCSO) is a mandatory training course that covers everything you need to know about working safely inside manholes and other tight places around your company’s work sites like sewers, bridges, tunnels…etcetera!

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 At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn WSQ Perform Work in Confined Space Operation module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Identify duties and responsibilities of all personnel involved in confined space work under the WSH Legislations and Codes of Practice;

The duties of all personnel involved in confined space work under the WSH Legislation are diverse, and will therefore be handled individually.

Foreman – The foreman for an entry team is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a specific job including planning operation, keeping accurate records during the shift and after the shift providing feedback on performance.

In addition a foreman shall develop safe operating procedures for specific tasks, conduct meetings to discuss potential safety hazards and offer opportunities to evaluate workplace conditions.

Aforementioned tasks shall be accomplished through oversight system based on observations by the person(s) conducting these tasks as well as corroboration with other persons performing related duties such as Project Engineers if applicable. Stable leadership is an essential component our success in this area .

Regulator/Monitor – Regulators are critical members of every entry team. Regulators have the vital responsibility of monitoring a confined space to ensure it is safe for entry and has remained so during the work shift. They do this through direct observation, continuous communication with the entrant, monitoring adherence to proper safety procedures, and observing conditions within the working space.

Others – Others that may be involved in performing tasks as part of an entry team include: Project Management, Company Managers or anyone else who is supervising an operation where there is a need to provide direction regarding safety; First Responders (such as emergency personnel).

Fire fighters and paramedics providing cover for all on site activities such as technical rescue operations and response incidents; In habitant or workers who have been designated by the company to maintain security within a confined space during an operation.

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2.Identify confined space hazards;

Make sure the person evaluating the hazard knows the physical and mental status of all workers in or near that area .There are a few hazards associated with confined spaces. One is entrapment, which occurs when a victim’s body gets stuck in something due to inadequate space within that object.

The other two are oxygen deficiency and asphyxiation, which occur when there isn’t enough air to breathe or too much carbon dioxide. If your workplace has any areas where these hazards could happen, you’ll need to take steps both preventative (like providing proper ventilation) and reactive (like having an alarm system for leak detection).

With enclosed spaces at work, it’s important for employers and employees alike to know what type of environment they’re working in. They also need to have systems in place that allow them to work safely in these environments and know what to do if an emergency happens.

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3.Use Gas Detection Instruments for atmospheric monitoring;

Gas detection instruments are generally used for atmospheric monitoring. They measure gas concentrations and concentrations in the past (in some cases).

Gas detectors, such as gas chromatographs, can be useful in toxicology, mining operations, petrochemical processing plants, submarine or space air containment leaks. In addition to carbon monoxide notably used as a component of automobile exhaust gases and an indirect cause of global warming-carbon dioxide is also present which is one cause of the greenhouse effect that leads to global warming.

4.Comply with Permit-to-Work system and safe work procedures when working in confined space;

All personnel should be aware of the safety measures taken during work. Remember to comply with Permit-to-Work system and safe work procedures when working in confined.

Although it’s not always possible, use the buddy system e.g., when welding on high voltage poles or structures, ensure someone else is present if a person has to stand next to an energized wire carrying a heavy current. If two people are required for the job, one standby person should be in contact with a responsible and qualified individual – who might be upwind (in case of sparks) from volatile concentrations if they go wrong – while the other does his or her best not to make matters worse!

The second standby should carry clothes as protection from rain, a first aid kit and other essential items, as well as mobile phone or radio to call for help if needed. Often two standby people are used for increasing the available eyes and ears for monitoring/observation purposes only.

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If more than one person is working in a confined space it’s important all employees have training in recognizing the signs of dangerous atmospheres and know what to do. Signs can include bad smells, strange odors, visual changes (e.g., bubbling) on surfaces that shouldn’t be changing color or shape, and visible fumes/vapors. They should also avoid touching any surfaces until they know that enclosure is safe – especially when there’s an odor/fumes present!

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5.Participate in an Emergency for confined space;

Participate in an emergency for confined space: The most likely problems are smoke inhalation (the person could die from lack of oxygen), asphyxiation (loss of air or oxygen), and fire.

If the person is on fire, use a blanket or clothing to gently wrap them up and roll away any burning material.

If the person can’t breathe, tell the victim to “take a deep breath” if they are conscious; then carry out rescue breathing until they start breathing on their own. Give one breath every five seconds at the rate of about 2-3 per minute with good mouth-to-mouth contact between rescuer and victim without teeth touching to avoid bites.

Use visual clues such as coughing or moving to determine if the victim is breathing. If you’re trained, push down hard on their chest each time you give a breath as long as they are not in certain conditions such as heart attack or drowning.

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