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The Real World of Management




MODULE TITLE: The Real World of Management







The real world-MBA program is designed for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs. Several Singaporean students aspire to learn this Level-6 course in the Business Administration field. For such students who are very keen and zealous towards their career, the SMU MBA provides knowledge and tools to them which eventually result in enabling them to make an immediate and lasting impact in their professional career.

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It all starts and ends with educating about the 7 essential traits for a successful entrepreneur, business tycoon: –

  • Strong leadership
  • Finding the right talent (so as to thrive in a competitive market)
  • Budgeting and financial intelligence
  • Marketing and branding yourself
  • A well-defined vision statement and goals
  • Time management
  • Personal development

Learning Outcomes along with the particular criteria required for this  TRWM- MAN6006 assignment

  • Assess the importance, qualities and constraints of hypothesis in a real-world context
  • Implement appropriate research approaches, tools and strategies to scholarly/organizational settings
  • Acutely appraise the job of managers as researchers
  • Draw on research, knowledge and proper literature to prove profundity and extent of learning and development through an on-going Critical Learning Portfolio

Moreover, the detailed marking strategy is covered in further stuff.

BA Business and Management – Level 6

MAN6006 The Real World of Management

Individual Assessment and Guidelines

Lecturing Team

Module Leader Name




Kurt Lewin proposed that “there is nothing so practical as a good theory” (Lewin 1951).

It is in that spirit that the reason for this module is to basically examine and assess scholarly theories and ideas inside a real-world context.

This all can be achieved by the emerging development in the progress of a critical portfolio in which members look at, differentiate and basically assess the potential linkages, strain and differences between a selected scholastic theoretical structure and its practical understanding.

The “The Real World of Management- MAN6006” module encourages the students by adopting an “action-oriented” approach to involve and ponder their own learning and advancement, regarding both knowledge and self. Involved participants have the chance to create key employability abilities by primarily examining, at both a hypothetical and pragmatic level, notions, for example, leadership, followership, social understanding, producing and continuing connections/systems, critical thinking, decision making, and enterprise/entrepreneurship.

This portfolio will be an individual bit of work, with a 3,000-word limit (+/ – 10%) of critical remarks.

This assignment should be considered as a separate piece of assessment, and ought not to be based on any assignments right now or recently submitted for evaluation.

The Portfolio

A ‘Portfolio’ is an ‘assortment of work’. Your portfolio should draw on your individual study into people’s perspectives, experience and stories and furthermore draw on a scope of hypothesis from suitable scholarly writing. Subsequent research information can likewise be utilized to help and improve the basic discussion.

From past experience, the portfolios accomplishing the better grades were based on an on-going premise through looking into and gathering suitable evidence to reinforce review and assessment of the concept(s), rising subjects and their application to this present reality of the management and organisations.

Your portfolio ought to have an opening page which sharply sets out your focus, for example, key inquiries/issues you will be concentrating around through the research project. What components have driven you to select the focus – your justification?

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The more effective portfolios will draw their exploration from a scope of sources to present alternate aspects. Nevertheless, what will, in general, make these portfolios are the keener and unique approaches to present peoples’ lived experience. Auxiliary research can be utilized to thoroughly analyse these encounters.

It is your duty as an analyst to guarantee that authorization has been mentioned and given from distinct members before adding the information material to the portfolio.

Even though it is conceivable to work with optional sources care ought to be taken to guarantee that these are not just utilized in a detailed way and that they are used to build up a serious conversation dependent on the focus established. The more robust portfolios will likewise distinguish and exhibit a comprehension of theoretical points of view drawn from a scope of academic discourse chosen as applicable to your portfolio’s concentration and emerging ideas.

The more powerful portfolios will utilize the writing and information/proof to thoughtfully work through a progression of logical aspects of research and assessment discussion from which contemplated ends are then drawn.

The assessment guidelines will be created through student discussions inside class meetings and will be essential to help with your self-assessment of the portfolio and the ultimate checking of the submitted portfolio. There will additionally be open doors inside class workshop sessions to share thoughts and learning and to examine issues rising up out of the forming of a focus, the continuous research, the improvement of draft material and the structure of the last portfolio.

Similarly, as with the entirety of your assignments, you should try to utilize every single accessible asset to help build up the portfolio. These assets incorporate those available through Moodle, including assets and mentor support from the Center for Academic Success.


There are two kinds of assessments which are utilized during the entire module. In general, you will obtain a verbal “formative feedback” which will be originated in order to promote your learning. This feedback not only just marked in your student record but also can be utilized by yourself so as to enhance your further work.

The other type of assessment is the summative assessment which will get you the grade as well as feedback achieved by your work you will submit at the module end.

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Include a title page, including :


The name of the assessment ( Individual Portfolio), your name, your student ID, module name ( The Real World of management), module code ( MAN6006), your lecturer, and submission date due.

Table of Contents ( One of the possible flow of contents)


  1. Introduction ( ~ 150 words)
  • Clearly sets out the scene and your focus
  • Key research questions /objectives/issues you will be focusing on through the

research project

  • What factors have led you to choose the focus – your rationale of the research?
  • State the purpose and scope


  1. Literature Review ( ~ 200 words)


  • Focus on one management theory
  • Explain and evaluate this chosen theory
  • Review the current literature of the chosen topic
  • Benefits and limitations of the findings of secondary research in a real-world context


  1. Research Methodology ( ~ 150 words)
  • Paradigm: Positivist vs Interpretivist ? –
  • Approach: Quantitative vs qualitative ?
  • Tools and techniques (ie. Observations, interviews, focus group, and others)
  • Briefly explain how these are carried out systematically


4. Critical commentary: Theory and Practice (~ 2400 words and more)

4.1. xxxxxxx

4.2 xxxxxxx

  • Findings ( ie. Primary research / Lived experiences/ Secondary research/Literature/others)
  • Research from a range of sources to introduce different perspectives
  • Stronger portfolios will draw their research from a range of sources to introduce different perspectives ie. By video, audio or transcripts of their stories and insights.
  • More thoughtful and unique ways to introduce people’s lived experiences
  • Secondary research can be used to compare and contrast these experiences


5. Critical Analysis / Commentaries

  • From Primary research, critically evaluate the role of managers as researchers
  • Draw on research, experience and appropriate literature to evidence depth and breadth of learning and development through an on-going Critical Learning Portfolio
  • A stronger portfolio will also identify and demonstrate an understanding of theoretical perspectives are drawn from a range of academic literature selected as relevant to your Portfolio’s focus and emerging themes.
  • Use the literature and data/evidence to thoughtfully work through a series of coherent phases of analysis and evaluation discussion from which reasoned conclusions are then drawn
  • For example; media files, photographs, diagrams, web links, video clips, text downloads, to support analysis and evaluation of the concept(s), emerging themes and their application to the real world of management and organizations
  • Evidence of reflective learning
  • Establish key lessons drawn from research – links between theory and practice, Nature of organizations, learning for future practice etc.
  • Dept of discussion


6. Conclusion and Recommendations ( ~ 150 words)


References ( Harvard referencing format)

Appendices of evidence of primary data collection


Note: Portfolio achieving higher marks….

  • Effective opening section – setting out an appropriate focus, and scope for the portfolio
  • Evidence of research into the “ real world” – to generate strong opportunities for critical analysis and evaluation
  • Effective use of academic literature to enhance the critical commentary


  • Strong closing section – pulling together key arguments
  • Strong visual impact – thoughtful, creative design
  • Effective navigation through the portfolio
  • Distinct from other assessments


Final suggestions

  • The assignment should be word-processed and 1.5 lined spaced. Do not ( ever) use bullet points
  • Use Ariel size 12 point ( this font and size) for your assignments.
  • State the word count used in the Portfolio
  • On each sheet, ensure you have page numbers in the format “ Page x of y”
  • All work, including the Reference pages, should be referenced in Harvard style format – there

Are hand-outs available on-line via Moodle and at the Library website of you are unsure about this?

  • Do not use Wikipedia, Google, Google books or Yahoo – the former is not peer accessed and the work is unreliable and the latter are search engines.
  • Do use contemporary academic textbooks and academic journal articles (newspapers are not Articles); use post-2010 academic work.
  • ~ 20 academic journal articles


Submission :


  • Cover page
  • Table of Contents
  • Main research report ( Introduction till the conclusion, references)
  • Interview questions
  • Transcripts, and Audio/Video files.


Points to note :


  1. Understand the theory that you have chosen.
  2. Asking questions relating to the theory. Avoid using the words mentioned in that theory.
  3. Research on that questions used by other researchers.
  4. Remember to use the same set of questions to interview the 3 interviewees.
  5. Questions should try to use “ Why”, “How”, and “Could you please elaborate”, and others.
  6. To probe further if necessary during the interview
  7. To conduct a pilot test on 3 or more participants so as to further refine the questions.
  8. You may as your participants for feedback.
  9. Do the insights from your participants provide you with sufficient information/findings to complete your commentary section?


What contributes to the step-up in marks ….


…..from benchmark standards for degree programmes – First class essays


“ …evidence their additional creativity and adaptability. They bring originality, insight and super critical and reflective abilities to bear upon their knowledge, and have the capability to evaluate and integrate theory and practice in a comprehensive range of situations”

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