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SOC365 Popular Culture course is an introductory course that explores the role of popular culture in our lives. This course examines a variety of topics including media, music, consumerism, sport, art and gaming. Through the use of lectures, discussion, media sampling and written assignments students will explore how popular culture has been shaped by historical events, technological advances and consumer-driven forces.

Through interacting with texts, each student will gain insight into the impact popular culture can have on society as well as deepened understanding of their own cultural context. Ultimately they will explore both the artistic elements as well as the commercialization often associated with popular culture today.

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This section outlines some activities related to your assignment, including:

Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate a critical understanding of the key debates, themes, and theories in the sociology of popular culture.

Popular culture has increasingly become a major topic of debate within the sociological community, as its influence upon societies and individuals around the world has been undeniable. There is disagreement among researchers and theorists about how large or small an impact the media, which is the output of popular culture, actually has on people’s thoughts and behaviors.

Some researchers point to evidence that suggests public opinion and social norms are shaped by what is presented in the media, while others suggest that these ‘effects’ are largely exaggerated. Does this ongoing debate raise important questions as to what extent does media influence our lives? In addition, there have also been attempts to explore why certain music, films and other forms of cultural entertainment become popular in society at any given moment.

Again, there are multiple views that attempt to answer this question: whether it be that certain cultures naturally develop certain preferences or whether they have been manipulated by those with financial interests. Ultimately, exploring such key debates surrounding popular culture can help us better understand why and how people interact with each other in our modern-day world.

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Assignment Activity 2: Examine the trends, patterns, and socio-political effects associated with popular culture.

Popular culture is an undeniably influential force in society, as certain trends and patterns associated with it have a significant impact on social atmospheres and political climates. For example, certain fashion styles or hairstyles become popularized due to their association with celebrities or music icons, affecting the way people dress and present themselves to the world.

Genres of music can also affect how individuals—especially those in vulnerable adolescent age brackets—view themselves and define their personal identities. Similarly, some films bring about particular ideologies that could potentially shape political opinions, directly influencing major aspects of society such as voting habits or civic engagement. Overall, it is clear that popular culture has strong implications for those within its absorptive range.

Assignment Activity 3: Analyse popular culture in relation to the media and communications industries.

Popular culture, especially in modern times is heavily influenced by the media and communication networks. From movies and TV shows to social media platforms and news networks, it affects how people see the world and how they think about certain topics. The media’s ability to bring people closer together through virtual connections also integrates itself into popular culture through the use of hashtags, trends and topics that become popular across all communication spaces.

Furthermore, behavior has at times been modified due to cultural diffusion from these networks which further showcases the power of the media to influence behavior and opinions. It, therefore, stands to reason that a critical analysis of the various elements related to popular culture must include an investigation into their connection with key players in the media and communications industries.

Assignment Activity 4: Discuss popular culture in Asia and in broader contexts around the world.

Asian popular culture is immensely influential globally, reflected through its representation in music, film, television, sport and even fashion. Through these mediums, trends in Asia have had an impact on the lives of individuals around the world. An increasingly interconnected society has caused interests to be shared universally and traditions to be integrated into cultures worldwide.

Recent popularisations of Korean dramas and idol groups have made waves around the globe, with them at the forefront of shaping today’s youth culture across many countries. Despite originating from Asia, these are now considered staples of global entertainment that have extended into a wider cultural context while still representing strong elements of their original collective identities.

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Assignment Activity 5: Construct the concept of “”popular culture”” in a much more sophisticated way, having been informed by a wide range of theoretical debates and empirical examples and studies.

Popular culture is a complex and multifaceted driving force of our times. By engaging with a wide range of theoretical debates and empirical studies, we are better able to construct a more sophisticated meaning of popular culture. On one hand, its production is deeply entrenched in politics, economics and history that shape our societies.

On the other hand, it often serves as a reflection of our collective anxieties, desires and dreams. More than ever before, popular culture has the potential to shape social norms and values through various forms of media such as television shows, films, songs and articles. Therefore it becomes essential for us to engage with this ongoing dialogue in order to comprehend it from different angles, beyond simply being partakers or observers. Ultimately this understanding can then help inform intellectual as well as everyday conversations about how contemporary society works in relation to popular culture – an invaluable endeavor for all involved.

Assignment Activity 6: Construct empirically-supported analyses of popular culture (and related industries) by applying theoretical knowledge.

Popular culture is an ever-expanding field that has seen a surge in interest in recent years. Applying theoretical knowledge to empirically-supported analyses of this field can enable more insightful and accurate conclusions about its various components. By utilizing tools such as qualitative and quantitative methods, hypothesis formation, and sampling techniques, researchers can craft a rich picture of the components of popular culture.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, such analyses can meet academic standards while also considering the perspectives of industry professionals, influencers, and everyday people for an in-depth understanding of what shapes popular trends today.

Assignment Activity 7: Develop academic essays that display abilities of skillful argumentation and critical thinking.

Writing effective essays that exhibit an ability for argumentation and critical thinking can be an extremely useful skill to hone, as it is useful in many aspects of life. To craft a well-constructed essay, one must begin with a focused idea or thesis statement, which is then followed by an organized argument that clearly explains the point of view and includes relevant examples, evidence, and facts.

By keeping the logic of the argument consistent and logically sound throughout the essay, readers will not only appreciate and understand the essay’s content more easily but also gain a greater appreciation for the student’s work and skillset. As such, when developing academic essays it is important to keep argumentation supported and critical thinking sharpened to ensure strong results.

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