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SOC321 Research Design and Methods SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

SOC321 Research Design and Methods is a course designed to equip students with the skills they need in order to effectively design, implement and apply empirical research in the field of sociology. Students will learn how to develop relevant research questions, create feasible designs, analyze data and draw accurate conclusions. They will also be introduced to various research methodologies used today such as surveys, experiments, interviews focus groups, and archival methods.

This course further provides an opportunity for students to apply their skills through a hands-on group project that requires analyzing real-world data. At the end of this course, students will not only be familiar with all aspects of researching but also have produced meaningful research results they can present in an ethical manner.

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Here, we will be proposing some assignment tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Apply sociological concepts and theories to the systematic, scientific study of human behavior.

Applying sociological concepts and theories to the systematic, scientific study of human behavior is a powerful tool for gaining insight into the complexities of social interaction. By utilizing concepts such as culture, norms, language, power and inequality, communication between different social groups can be further understood and explained.

Moreover, the application of theoretical models from Structural Functionalism to Symbolic Interactionism provides a framework for assessing how individuals function together within their social environment. Therefore, practical applications of sociological concepts have great potential for providing an in-depth understanding of human behavior.

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Assignment Task 2: Show an understanding of the processes for conducting sociological research.

Sociological research involves the systematic exploration of social phenomena. It would typically include a detailed review of available sources, such as literature, surveys, and statistics. Researchers also use other methods to gain insight into larger patterns and trends in society, such as interviews and participant observation. All the information gathered from these processes is then used to test sociological theories or form new conclusions about the issue being studied.

This way sociologists can gain a deeper understanding about how individuals interact with each other and the broader social environment in order to inform both our practical actions and theoretical understanding of society.

Assignment Task 3: Develop an appreciation for the ethical issues inherent in conducting sociological research.

It is essential that those conducting sociological research ascertain, understand and act in accordance with the ethical issues present. By understanding the ethical implications posed with acquiring, interpreting and ultimately sharing data, researchers can ensure they are operating within set frameworks and codes of conduct. By appraising both those concerning the participants in a study as well as those regarding scholars and organizations responsible for its administration, an appreciation of the importance of ethical considerations is paramount to conducting effective sociological research. Further to this, it is also imperative that awareness is created around these issues, so guidelines are enforced across the research landscape.

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Assignment Task 4: Design a robust plan for a research project.

When designing a robust research project plan, it is important to consider three core elements: the scope of the project, data-collection methods and the expected timeline for completion. To ensure that these elements are considered thoroughly, taking the time to define a clear objective and research question should be prioritized.

Once an objective and research question has been set, designing the most appropriate set of methods to collect relevant data can commence. This should then inform an estimated timeline. From there, process of actual implementation of the plan can begin which will ideally lead to useful outcomes.

Assignment Task 5: Assess the soundness of social scientific research by evaluating research designs and data-collection strategies in light of research questions and theory.

Social scientific research is a valuable tool for examining a wide range of social issues. The soundness of the research is dependent on its ability to accurately produce reliable information about the topic at hand. To ensure this, it is important for researchers to carefully consider the research design and data-collection strategies they employ in relation to the research questions being asked and the underlying theory driving their investigation.

This helps promote methodologically rigorous practices that are meeting ethical standards and producing meaningful results. As such, evaluating research designs and data-collection strategies is essential in assessing the methodological integrity of social science research.

Assignment Task 6: Demonstrate skills in analytical thinking and oral and written communication.

Analytical thinking and strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for any successful professional. Demonstrating your ability to think critically about a situation and articulate solutions clearly and concisely is essential for demonstrating your value as an employee, colleague or collaborator. Knowing how to effectively communicate ideas and present persuasive arguments will set you apart from the competition and show that you have the capacity to think logically through challenging tasks, while also taking into consideration other perspectives.

Additionally, having a firm grasp of written communication can be used to create meaningful documents, reports, educational materials, or business proposals. Building up these skills takes practice and dedication but investing in them has the potential to open up many doors through the workforce.

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