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Updated on: 20th Apr 2023

SOC309 Contemporary Social Theory SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

SOC309 Contemporary Social Theory is an eye-opening course into current events, debates, and theories that shape our world today. By studying the social theories put forth by scientists of the past and present, students gain an expanded understanding of our society and how it constantly changes.

Exploring class, gender, race, and other primary factors influencing contemporary society through lectures, readings, and discussions helps learners become aware of structural inequalities in societies alongside applying social theories to current debates. This challenging yet rewarding course is sure to open up your perspectives and have a lasting impact on your understanding of social dynamics today!

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In this section, we’ll provide a detailed overview of the assignment tasks. These include:

Assignment Task 1: Appraise the core ideas and concepts of contemporary social theories.

Contemporary social theories can provide a powerful lens from which to analyze and judge social phenomena. From symbolic interactionism to ethnomethodology, these theories offer a range of approaches for studying the complex relationships between individuals and their wider social environments.

By focusing on topics such as self-serving behavior, identity construction, and culture production, these theories present a wide range of interpretive tools with which to combat systemic inequality and lay the foundations for building an egalitarian society. As such, these core ideas and concepts can be seen as essential tools in developing pragmatic strategies for progressive social change.

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Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate knowledge of the major traditions and influences in contemporary society.

Social thought has come a long way from the earliest studies of communal behavior and group dynamics to modern theories about the self and identity. Contemporary social science is deeply rooted in diverse traditions ranging from philosophy to anthropology, and each has provided its own unique influences on modern understandings.

Marx laid out a critical examination of power structures, Weber proposed an ideal type for an investigation into social processes, Durkheim sought to discover organic order within societies, and Mead offered insights into what makes us human using symbolic interactionism as a model. These major traditions provide valuable theoretical frameworks that inform our current worldviews regarding the influence of culture on everyday life.

Assignment Task 3: Examine the interactions between the major theoretical schools in explaining social.

The different theoretical schools of social thought have provided a comprehensive understanding of complex social issues. Through critical examination, the dialectical relationship between their basic assumptions can offer a thorough analysis of the value systems that exist in society. An interdisciplinary lens drawn from sociology, psychology, philosophy and economics presents further evidence for various theories proposed by each respective school.

Additionally, it allows us to observe both gradual and sudden changes in social organization over time, as well as its potential implications on individuals and groups. Thus, an active dialogue between these major theoretical schools is essential to effectively explain social complexity.

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Assignment Task 4: Assess the applicability of contemporary social theory to understanding the current society.

Contemporary social theories provide invaluable insight into understanding current social conditions. They offer an analytical framework from which to interpret and evaluate our daily lives as well as the larger structures of society and their respective capacities for change. By considering various facets of culture and assessing such intricacies as power relations, ideologies, popular movements, cultural production, and language use among others, contemporary social theories help us to recognize patterns in a mass of empirical evidence about the world around us.

This enables us to develop creative strategies for dealing with social problems that encompass both the macro and micro factors that influence any given situation. As a result, these dynamically adaptive techniques invite contributions to global discourses on social justice, environmentalism, public health, education reform, racial consciousness and other pressing issues we face today.

Assignment Task 5: Analyse problems in current society using contemporary social theories.

Contemporary social theories can provide an insightful lens to analyze current societal issues, enabling us to gain a fresh perspective on these problems. By applying relevant philosophical frameworks and approaches, complexities are made accessible. This can allow us to better understand structural differences, power imbalances and micro-interactions that may be difficult to identify in our everyday lives. With this academic tool at our disposal, we can hone our focus on key areas and cultivate the potential for meaningful conversations and impactful solutions.

Assignment Task 6: Apply theoretical ideas to substantive social issues.


Theoretical ideas can be applied to substantive social issues in order to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying causes and effects. For example, using a Marxist lens, one can examine how economic inequality affects social mobility or why certain groups are more likely to experience poverty than others. This helps us to identify patterns within these problems that may otherwise remain unseen and to consider possible structural interventions in order to challenge the status quo. By further analyzing how power relations shape our everyday lives, we can develop a more nuanced approach to tackling social issues. Ultimately, this entails actively engaging with various theories so as to create meaningful discourse around current societal issues that result in equitable outcomes for all.

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