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Updated on: 20th Apr 2023

SOC105 Introduction to Sociology SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

SOC105 Introduction to Sociology course is an in-depth exploration of contemporary sociological theories, methods, and research. It provides the foundation for further study in the social sciences. This course gives students the opportunity to analyze topics such as culture, power, identity, poverty and globalization from a sociological perspective and apply this knowledge to contemporary concerns.

Through both class discussions and independent research projects, students will learn about various aspects of sociology as well as gain insight into their own current social situations. This course is both intellectually stimulating and personally meaningful; it helps further open one’s awareness to the dynamism of today’s society.

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Here, we will analyze a few assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Explain major concepts and theoretical perspectives in Sociology.

Sociology is the study of social relationships and constructs in societies. This field of study incorporates a variety of conceptual and theoretical perspectives, each with its own scope, goals, limitations, and implications for understanding social life and behavior. Two primary theoretical perspectives include Symbolic Interactionism, which focuses on how individual symbols affect our thoughts and actions, and Functionalism Theory, which emphasizes the ways in which social structures promote stability.

By examining these perspectives through empirical research methods such as participant observation, surveys, interviews, experiments, content analysis and other cross-cultural studies, sociologists are able to uncover theories about the behavioral motives behind a particular phenomenon or type of activity among groups of people. This allows us to better understand why people think and act the way they do in various settings.

Assignment Brief 2: Develop a “sociological” lens with which to see the world.

Having a sociological perspective is essential for understanding the complexity of our world, from the interactions between individuals and the forces at work in our collective experience. By utilizing this lens, we can gain insight into how larger social forces, such as cultural norms and economic systems, shape attitudes and behaviors both locally and globally. With its focus on connecting individual behavior to patterns of group behavior, this approach allows us to identify structures that enable certain groups to receive certain privileges while depriving other groups of those same rights.

Moreover, it is also important for us to place ourselves within this context and understand what power dynamics exist in a society that might have implications for our own lives and experiences. Sociology offers an invaluable toolset that empowers us to make sense of our social reality and effect positive change.

Assignment Brief 3: Discuss different research strategies and methods used by sociologists.

Sociologists leverage diverse research strategies and methods to analyze social phenomena in meaningful ways. These range from basic survey research and participant observation to more sophisticated forms such as statistical modeling, comparative analysis, historical/archival documentation, and ethnography.

These strategies enable researchers to uncover evidence-based insights about the social structures, processes, and patterns that shape human behavior. It is through the cumulative use of these different methodological approaches that sociologists gain an appreciation for the complexities of human experience and develop a deeper understanding of how societies function.

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Assignment Brief 4: Apply sociological perspectives to understand personal experiences and the social.

Applying sociological perspectives to personal experiences and the social can be a powerful tool in gaining new insights in our interactions with the world. Sociology provides a framework for understanding why we do what we do within the context of our societies, by considering elements such as our social interactions, dynamics within a group setting, or the impact of large-scale systems on individuals.

By studying how humans interact and behave in the world at micro and macro levels, sociology helps us recognize patterns of behavior to provide valuable information about how groups form norms that are essential for successful interaction. Ultimately, an understanding of these processes can help us appreciate how different structures shape individual attitudes and strengthen our ability to critically evaluate aspects of our lives and societies.

Assignment Brief 5: Deconstruct social and cultural stereotypes and taken-for-granted social norms.

Social and cultural stereotypes are often taken-for-granted, leading to the perpetuation of negative ideas in our societies. Through deconstructing these preconceived notions, we can gain a more knowledgeable and unbiased understanding of individuals and their respective cultures.

Sociologists utilize various research techniques to assess how social norms develop within different groups and cultures. By examining the intricacies of these processes, sociologists can identify the underlying power dynamics that contribute to the formation and maintenance of these stereotypes.

This in-depth analysis allows us to recognize how our own beliefs and values may be impacted by external forces or structures, allowing us to become more aware of any potential biases we may have. In doing so, we can strive to be more understanding and open-minded towards all people regardless of culture, race, or gender.

By understanding where these stereotypes come from and why they persist, we can begin to dismantle them in order to create a more equitable society. Ultimately, this will lead to greater social harmony and cohesion.

Assignment Brief 6: Demonstrate a sociological argument effectively in written or oral forms.

A successful sociological argument is one which effectively communicates an idea or opinion after providing appropriate evidence to back it up. In order for a sociological argument to carry weight, it must be presented clearly and correctly, using appropriate supporting details, examples, and statistics. It is also important that any relevant counterarguments are addressed in an objective manner so as to provide a convincing argument.

To ensure that all necessary points of the argument are articulated effectively, research into the topic should be conducted thoroughly prior to delivering either written or oral forms of the argument. Ultimately, if the elements of a successful sociological argument are employed in both visual and auditory forms, then potential audiences can understand the message being conveyed with clarity.

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