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Students if you are planning your career in quality management related to Pharmaceutical, Technology, Healthcare, or manufacturing industries then your prospective employers may ask you for six sigma qualifications and certifications.

Consequently, colleges and Universities of Singapore frequently asked management students to write on Six Sigma or Lean manufacturing essay.

Students due to time crunch repeatedly search for manufacturing essay online, therefore; to lessen their burden here we are providing an essay sample on Six Sigma.

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Detailing basics of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is defined as a methodology to provide tools to businesses to enhance the capability of their processes.

This methodology has helped the organisation in increasing their performance quality of the product, profit improvement, employee morale and decrease in defects.

Six Sigma is considered as a management philosophy that was originally used and developed by Motorola in 1980.

After that many companies like Toshiba, Boeing and GE have implemented the same Six Sigma methodology of Management and experienced impressive results.

The Six Sigma method integrates engineering, statistics, project management and process.

This methodology is used by the organisation to improve its services, products and processes related to various disciplines like marketing, finance, Sales, Production, Administration and product development.

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Six Sigma is considered as a systematic method used for improving a process by using 5 steps termed as DMAIC

Define: in this stage, an organisation identifies the scope and the purpose of the project.

The Company must know about their customers, their expectations, quality issues faced by them and the kind of services and products they need.

Measure: in this method, the data is gathered and analyzed by a data collection plan. A process map details are created by the project team.

Analyse: in this step the inefficiencies and various problems related to processes are determined and factors of opportunities are improved.

In this organisation determines rather the process should be redesigned or improved.

Improve: this step involves the designing of Creative Solutions to prevent and fix root causes and problems that may arise in the future.

It uses the technique of (FMEA) Failure Modes and Effect Analysis.

Control: In the control phase it is insured steps gained so far are maintained very well. It includes data tracking and identification of areas of a slip in process performance.

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Levels of Six Sigma

The various levels involved in Six Sigma are

  • Green Belt
  • yellow belt
  • master black belt
  • black belt

These belts signify various expertise levels belonging to six-sigma. The yellow belt signifies the basic certification of Six Sigma given to the practitioner of the quality process. Master Black belt signifies certification of process improvement and successful leadership plans.

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Benefits of implementing Six Sigma methodology

Here listing key points that an organisation will experience by implementing Six Sigma methodology.

  1. Reduction in operational cost: Six Sigma mitigate various cost like inspection cost, rework cost, decreasing turnaround time, Lead time, process cycle time that in turn enhances companies operation management
  2. Timeliness for improvement in efficiency: the eradication of waste and variations from the processes
  3. Improving controls accuracy and policy compliance: to enhance competitive advantage and competitive position
  4. Improvement in cash flow: by reducing the inventory management process, invoicing process, accounts receivable or payable process
  5. Improvement in customer service: it is related to customer loyalty and satisfaction
  6. Improves regulatory compliance: it involves three steps the first one is Audit and Finance second is the information technology and the third is legal

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Drawbacks of Six Sigma methodology

Many critics have identified disadvantages in implementing Six Sigma methodology

  1. Six Sigma focuses on quality improvement and not on cost reduction. It can increase overhead and investment in machinery by directly affecting the organisations budget
  2. To achieve Six Sigma, a company may require better equipment which can consume many of its resources like more quality check, improved testing system and tighter tolerances.
  3. The statistical analysis required to achieve Six Sigma may eat up a lot of resources.
  4. The company’s services and products may get increased in prices if they are implementing Six Sigma and their competitor didn’t.

Final conclusion

Six Sigma is a long journey in which an organisation may experience excellence and transformation.

So far we have studied Six Sigma as a powerful methodology used by organisations to eliminate defects arising in a process that increases the long term growth and viability of an organisation.

However, we can say that by simply adopting Six Sigma program will not guarantee the results in a day it may take time to get success.

Six Sigma also brings some disadvantages to it but it outweighs them due to various advantages and returns factors.

There is not a single doubt that if an organisation has implemented Six Sigma effectively then no matter how small or big an organisation is it will definitely going to benefit from it in the long run.

But again here is a point to consider that a customer is happy to pay more in case of manufacturing of the medicine to get a defect-free product but not be willing to pay for a scissor or pen.

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