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Essay on Operation and Process Management 

Operation and process management is a field of management that is mainly concerned with the management of organizational practices for accomplishing a higher level of efficiency. In this article, our professionals by using examples and cases from different industries provide valuable information related to the management of processes and operations.

The article is helpful and useful for students Pursuing MBA or executive courses in Process and operation management. This article will help them in developing an understanding of 5 steps for reaching feasible business procedures and operations.

Operations and Process management is considered as complex techniques which you can utilize for planning, evaluating, controlling, and optimizing business procedures as well as operations within an enterprise.

Management of operations and process management includes designing a set of processes for ensuring sustainability and feasibility of business operation and process.

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Operation management is a process that is mainly concerned with the transformation of input into an output. It is the process that includes the coordination of business procedures that is needed for the development and distribution of goods or services.

Operation management is considered an important process of companies that are properly needed to me measure, optimize, and improve. Operations in every type of industry have a unique nature. The key aspects of operation management are that it mainly emphasizes the management of resources that directly produce goods or services for the company. Operation management is dynamic.

The main objective of operation and process management is to ensure the effective and efficient execution of production. Another aim of operation and process management is to identify suitable ways through which an organization can become more productive.

Operation Management Essay example

In the context of health care, effective management of costs along with delivering quality services is an important component of operation management in health care. Healthcare is basically an industry that provides primary, secondary, and territory care.

Both economic and social conditions can influence health care in the same way as policies or administration of services. It is very much essential for management in health care institutions to concentrate on different aspects such as financing, employing trained staff, develop good policies. Proper concentration on all such aspects is very much crucial for the effective functioning of healthcare institutions.

Functions of operation management

Operation management is very much responsible for the maintenance and administration of routine business goals. The main function of operation management is to develop value-added products or services by transforming organizational inputs into outputs. Few organizational inputs are managers, raw materials, information technology, land, labor, etc. After obtaining the input the operational system will transform resources from input to output.

Another important function of operation management is to make sure that all operations of the company are efficient about meeting customers’ needs by utilization of few resources.  

Importance of operation and Process management

Management of operations and processes is very much important for the company to fulfill customer demands and meet their expectations. An effective administration of both is crucial for achieving a high level of production efficiencies. Both operation and process management is very much important to:

  • Make sure that a company creates a high business value.
  • Management of operations and processes is crucial as it helps in bringing drastic improvement in the Quality of products and services.
  • Effective management of operations and process is very much essential for ensuring that the needs of customers are met.
  • It is proper management of operations and process is very much important for creating high value for customers and solving their issues.
  • Proper management of operations and process management are very much important for preventing and removing mismatches between procedure and operations for making sure that available resources are utilized for producing desired results.
  • It is effective operation and process management is essential as it helps companies in gaining competitive advantage.

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How to reach sustainable business operations and processes?

The 5 steps of reaching sustainable, as well as feasible business operations and process, are:

Step 1: Modelling

It is an initial phase of operation and process management. This is a step where you need to develop a model that demonstrates the flow of procedures and operations which also includes inputs, resources, and outputs.

Step 2: Simulations

This is a step, where you need to imitate the selected procedure by using mathematical formulas for testing models. It is a step where a manager in an organization requires testing all the potations and processes.

Step 3: Monitoring

It is a step, where you will need to track and evaluate procedures and operations to maintain effectiveness as well as value-adding capabilities. You are requiring establishing specific criteria for measuring and monitoring the performance of business procedures as well as operations.

Step 4: Controlling

At this step of operation and process management, managers in an enterprise need to use administrative tools and methodology for making changes in administrative procedures and operations.

Step 5: Optimisation

It includes the selection and following such methodology which helps in determining issues related to present procedures and operations.  At this step, the manager needs to develop respective solutions for several issues faced by the organization.


From the above article it has been concluded that proper management of operations and processes is very much important for running a business effectively and efficiently. Another fact which has been concluded from the above is that effective management of operations and procedure will help the company in maintaining a high level of efficiency.

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