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Every organization is needed to ensure that it is managing the quality of its products and services adequately in order to excel in fulfilling the customer’s requirements as well as to attain organizational goals.

No matter what kind of a business/ firm it is, each one requires an appropriate quality management system which ensures that quality services are being provided by them. Either it is a manufacturing firm which produces hardware or it is a software/ IT company providing services to the clients, service quality management is the sine qua non for both types of firms for the sake of steady improvement as well as business growth. Simply put, service quality management has a significant effect in business development.

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What is Service Quality Management

Service quality management is the process of managing the quality of products/ services provided by the enterprise to the customer based on his need and expectations. It can be also considered as an activity involved in the business management process. The SQM basically evaluates how well a service has been provided to a customer with an aim to ameliorate its quality in future, detect issues/ problems & rectify them to intensify customer satisfaction.

The service quality management embodies a variety of processes to estimate the quality of the services provided by the organization according to customer expectations. It encompasses long-term service quality monitoring and maintenance of the diverse services provided to the customers so as to trace the advancement in the quality and assess the efficiency of the efforts made for improvement.

Regardless of which business you are into, you need to maintain a management system for improving the quality of your service and customer satisfaction. Whether you are into a hospitality or a travel industry, software business providing services to the patrons or might be operating in a food service/ industry, SQM is essential to manage and meet the customer requirements and expectations as well as growth of the business.

Dimensions of Service Quality

Service quality assessment depends on the perception of customers and that can be varied from the expected service. To evaluate the gap between the expected service and the service perceived different models are employed such as e-SERVICE QUALITY, RATER model, and SERVQUAL model etc.

There are Five Dimensions of Service Quality Measured Marketing which are vital for quality management.

The primary dimensions of service quality assessment are: –

  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Assurance
  • Empathy
  • Tangibles

Principles of Service Quality Management

Service quality management works on diverse principles. These are the 7 quality management principles: –

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Relationship management

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Benefits of Utilizing a Service Quality Management System

There are various benefits of employing a SQM system for business growth and meeting the objective of customer satisfaction.

Some of the major beneficial impacts of service quality management system are as follows: –

  • You can create and evaluate your own definition for the employee and customer satisfaction involving the custom assessment of triumph according to the factors/ elements important to you.
  • Enforce an assessment system to obtain the exact values of the data you need, while saving them time and efforts as well as cutting costs else spent a lot of time and making tough efforts excavating from oodles of data.
  • Obtain custom performance reports like NPS, satisfaction rankings, and standards with regards to business performance from different perspectives.
  • Consistently screen the advancement of results as a team with whole groups, leading to closer and more transparent collaboration and diminished reaction times.
  • Employ a bonus-malus system founded on achievements of the service performance and motivate teams & contractors to work efficiently and do a better job.
  • Diminish the customer expectation and service reality Gap & build loyalty.

Highly profitable Industries with High-grade Service Quality Management Systems

The highly profitable industries in Singapore which maintain a high-grade service quality management system with almost a hundred percent customer satisfaction are the hospitality (hotel) industry and the airlines’ industry. These two in Singapore are on a level that can put a benchmark for all the other product/ services providing industries, businesses, companies etc. as well as a means to improve their service quality measurement.

Although the service quality management in hospitality and airlines are regarded as at the summit level it is not like that it all goes so smoothly. There is also an appearance of diverse problems of service quality management in every industry so in these two as well. But the main mission is to achieve the best total service quality management and make it up to the apex level by taking care of the needs and expectations of the customers.

These industries operate in a very smooth and systematic way following the concepts and methods forming service standards, enhancing the operational processes, building performance measures. Besides, these companies develop and implement service recovery systems, assess customer satisfaction, along with setting a service culture.

Tips for Improving Service quality

At the point when brands look to refine their client commitment methodology, an integral aspect is making sure that the customer service operations are working well. To accomplish this, it is important to evaluate not just the performance of an individual customer but also quality management practices. So, one should follow some guideline to understanding how to maintain the total quality management system.

Some of the valuable tips through which SQM can be improved are as follows: –

  • Understand your mission
  • Seek Feedback
  • Stay ahead of responses
  • Cross-sell
  • Propose value-added services
  • Set up a referral program
  • Train your representatives
  • Empower employees to resolve the issue
  • Provide a rich educational setting for your team
  • Ensure active listening with your customers
  • Underpin your customer service strategy with data
  • Be responsible

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Service Quality Management is an essential component for any business/ organization to improve its performance and product/ service quality according to the customer requirement and expectation in order to achieve organizational goals as well as customer satisfaction.

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