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Racism in Singapore Assignment Sample

Racism is a problem worldwide but it is seen to be growing in Singapore a lot in the past few years. We recent cases of racism and the ongoing movement in Singapore and online have the attention of the Students of Singapore and its people. The problem is serious and starts from a casual talk or insult, it can worsen when people don’t acknowledge or complains.

Some privileged people don’t even think that it is a problem or issue in Singapore. Racism is everywhere being at school, college, university, and other organizations of Singapore.

In this article with the help of assignment writing services, we are discussing some effective ways that can help to tackle racism in Singapore.

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1. Control your emotions

We know it can be very hard to don’t yell back or shout at the racist when someone faces an act of racism but it’s is not advisable to react to it. The motive of the racist is to get a reaction from you so when you do it it’s a win for them. When you control the emotion and don’t react it will your win and might save your day from getting ruined by some unknown loser.

2. Stay calm

You might encounter a group of racist or individuals at locations like a bar, restaurant, class, campus, or other. When they pass a comment or shouts something to offend you, it’s not the right to backfire at them as they might be under some influence of alcohol or drugs that is why they have enough courage to do it in public. The best is to change your location and get yourself away from them.

3. Walk away when you sense danger

The situations can get worse if you react to them as they are not ready to feel ashamed or embarrassed when you acknowledge them publicly. So it may lead to some physical violence and may harm in other ways. So walk away from there, it is not about you, it is about them, they are the losers and you win the situation by walking away.

4. Don’t try to negotiate

The racist told to have this much sense that they can understand the issue or even acknowledge it. If you try to reason them or try to get involved in a discussion on the spot of the situation, it will heat up the situations more.

5. Educate when possible

Not doing it while it’s happening, try to educate the people involved personally. Such people are more active while in a group or at a public place. So, try to talk to them in person while not at a public place, where they can listen and you can convey your message and concern

While the issue is serious and authorities should take steps to stop this happening at various Colleges, universities, Organisations, etc. Singapore students often get involved in the situation and get depressed with their thoughts. The students face academic problems so they seek essay writing help Singapore that improve their grades.

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