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PSB210EN: Mechanical Engineering Assignment Solution CU Singapore

PSB210EN: Mechanical Engineering Assignment Sample CU Singapore

The assignment sample covers the topic of engineering in the field of mechanical where students learn academic as well as practical knowledge and how to apply such a practical approach along with expertise.

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The assignment explains how to formulate a report on a stipulated engineering subject along with its subsystem. As there are multiple homework and tasks in a project that requires expert knowledge and this solved assignment explains the mechanism of torsion, as to how the strudel stretch in service pipe transporting works.

The assignment enables the student to understand how the mechanical loads have been developed and what mechanical loads this vertical pipe is subject to. As to scrutinize the probability of torsion, the student provides the teachings as to which mechanism and system help in water and how the torsion can be resisted.

Moreover, it also explains the functioning of pressure vessels and how to design a vessel with appropriate measurement of a cylindrical vessel. The course provides in-depth knowledge as to prepare a technical sheet and mentioned all the natural information is a pipe. After measuring the bypass pipeline it requires reckoning the length of the spring support in the pipeline installed.

PSB210EN: Mechanical Engineering Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students enable to understand mechanical engineering with the help of the following Learning outcomes is as follows:-

1. Explain how mechanical loads are developed and on what mechanical loads this vertical plus may be subject to?

In this assignment solution, the students learn about the installation of pipelines with the help of vertical stretch so that torsion could be resisted. Such pipeline will be installed on a platform a few hundred meters above the sea. To secure that torsion will resist, one of the best geometry is a tabular cross-section that operates with the fictional tubular cross-section whose internal radius is half of the outside radius. Moreover, the solved assignment explains the angle and other properties of torsion.

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2. How to design a pressure vessel that helps in her stresses in the. Vessels.

The pressure vessel help in stabilizing the pressure and this solved assignment explain the means to measure cylindrical vessel that provides nominal stresses. As to design an effective pressure vessel it is important to ascertain the maximum stresses that a pressure vessel can be handled and this can be reckoned with the help of a stress calculator.

Moreover, such a calculator also helps in determining the ideal stress that should be on the pressure vessel. The result of such a calculator can be compared with the analytical solution extracted from the experiments conducted in the laboratory and scrutinize whether the answers are similar or not.

All such are preliminary and necessary measurements to design an effective pressure vessel and with the help of a guide of welders, students can easily develop the pressure vessel.

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3. Develop pipe support with the help of which the pipe installed can be retained.

As the first task is for the installation of pipe and a linear stretch of a piping system can be formed a bypass line. Such a line can be used for reflecting testing that requires the preparation of a technical sheet and this line be placed at two anchorage points that provide support and at distance.

For conducting the deflection testing, the water is filled at the temperature of 4°C and 20°C in the case of In-service conditions specified that transferred via stretch. The assignment solution explains the technical information of the pipe such as material, dimension, properties, etc.

The course with the help of a diagram explains the loading configuration and magnitudes of the loads so that stress on such bypass lime can be calculated. To develop a pressure vessel, the module explains the method to calculate the second moment of inertia of area for the tabular cross-section.

4. How to calculate the length of the spring that provides the support on each anchorage point.

After estimating the weight of the bypass line, it is required to analyze the support that should be on each anchorage point in the form of pipe support. This assignment solution provides the stipulated string length that should be used in providing support but to do so, it is required to measure the length of the spring with the pipeline installed on it.

5. Critically analyze the maximum flow of the bypass line so that recommended fluids can be passed through such pipes.

The assignment solution provides the methods to analyze the following fluids and recommended speeds. And such could be done with the help of a stipulated pie diameter that is capable of holding the recommended speed. The unit also explains the fluids and their recommended speeds in all the possible causes.

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6 Explain what is the safety valve that should be adopted in the bypass line and dimensionally a relief valve.

The module explains the usage of a safety valve that is one of the important accessories of the pipeline. It also explains the methods of dimensioning a relief valve that can be done with the help of calculation. The assignment sample provides the distinction between the safety valve and the relief valve and choosing the appropriate valve in the bypass line.

On the other hand, the generator is utilized for generating electricity which is design with four processes consisting of a gas power cycle holding minimum thermal efficiency for industrial water usage. The assignment module explains the thermal processes along with the differences between the two and diesel cycles.

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