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Parenting Interventions for drug-dependent Mothers Essay Singapore

Parenting Interventions for drug-dependent Mothers Essay Singapore

In this essay sample of Parenting Interventions for drug-dependent Mothers, here we will discuss the Need for parenting intervention, the Relational approach, Parenting programs for Singaporeans, Attachment and Parenthood at Risk, etc.

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Introduction- Parenting Interventions for drug-dependent Mothers Essay 

In this essay example, parenting interventions for drug-dependent mothers provide a brief overview for those mothers who depend upon drug or alcohol, or substance often observed that children who came for the child welfare system possess a background of substance abuse in their mothers.

This arises a need for patenting intervention for drug-dependent mothers and furnishes outpatients as well as inpatient treatments so that the health of the child as well as mothers won’t affect severely. Certain studies have shown the outpatient treatment aiming for annihilating the root cause of such substance abuse and enhance the caregiving skills for children up to the age of five years.

Maternal substance abuse is commonly conferred psychiatric and other social problems that involved children who turn to the child welfare system in Singapore. It is noteworthy that substance abuse is found due to a history of abuse in drug-dependent mothers that causes severe health issues in the next generation.

During the mother-child interaction, it is observed that drug-dependent Singaporean mothers lack in handling the emotional cues of the child, demonstrated poor sensitivity, nosy, and increased physical impulse. The studies also reflected that drug-dependent mothers have a lack of understanding as to child basic needs, development, and other issues.

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They are unable to understand what a tally their kid wants at a particular point in time and comprehend their ambivalent feeling. To nourish a kid, the most important aspect is to understand their feelings, what they are asking otherwise growth and development of the child are ultimately hampered.

It is noteworthy that maternal substance abuse targets the development of children in different ways and requires a strong need for parenting intervention at such a point.

Main body- Parenting Interventions for drug-dependent Mothers Essay 

Need of parenting intervention

From infant to the age of 5 years, the child needs utmost care and critical in the development of its capacities but maternal substance abuse have a significant impact on children’s developmental outcomes.

Such substance abuse or drug-dependent mothers give rise to delay in development, as the first five years of a child’s work are crucial and provide the opportunity for optimal child development.

The help of parenting intervention for drug-dependent mothers resulted in improving the outcomes of child development with adaptive ones from maladaptive parenting behavior. Certain approaches help in achieving the objective and provide opportunities and means for the parents to learn and explore the parenting skills. Such skills help in enhancing the development skills in the kid and curtail the misbehavior factor.

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Relational approach

In this essay example, the parenting intervention for drug-dependent mothers incorporates the cognitive development and relational approx between parent and child. It ultimately promotes the child’s optimal development and the relational approach helps in achieving so.

The relational approach help in underlying the children’s behavior and adequately perceive the emotional needs of the children. The attachment theory’s objective is to increase the emotional aspect in the mental representations of a mother towards her child and perceive accurate emotional needs of their child.

It also helps in equipping with sensitive responses to children’s emotional needs. The attachment-based theory confers a strong relationship between a parent and a child and strengthening the attachment of the parent towards a child.

It helps in building awareness as to the emotional needs of a child and lay down benefit to parents who are drug dependent.

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Parenting programs for Singaporean

  • The cognitive and relational approaches furnish the means for pare time intervention for drug-dependent women, on the other hand, certain parenting programs provide the methods to systematically evaluate.
  • These parenting programs help in curtailing the disadvantages of Singaporean parents of drug-abusing mothers that often ignore their child’s needs, are influenced by feeling or anger, incoherent attitude, and shown negativity.
  • Drug-dependent mothers are often observed with low tolerance capabilities and a lack of monitoring and control over their children. But with the help of attachment theory and parenting programs for singaporean help in resolving such issues.
  • The parenting programs aim to impede the malpractice and abusive behavior of drug-abusing mothers that lead to deficiency in children’s development and obstacles in parenting care. The studies and parenting programs also observed that the drug-dependent mothers have the feeling and guilt of inadequacy and poor parenting of their child.

Attachment and Parenthood at Risk

The addiction to drug or alcohol or substance abuse that is commonly found in mothers resulted in attachment disorders. Such drugs are meant to deal with anxiety issues, fear, govern emotions, and restore comfort for a shorter period. But such comfort led to genetic issues in the next generation such as psychopathological problems, behavioral disorders, and maltreatment issues, etc.


The evidence is clear – parenting interventions for drug-dependent mothers can be a successful and effective method of improving the life trajectories of their children. This type of intervention could help reduce the number of future cases in which these children will grow up to experience addiction and other adverse consequences. These programs should be considered as one potential solution that has been shown to work, but it is not enough on its own. It must be combined with treatment programs designed specifically for parents who are dependent on drugs or alcohol, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

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