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Negotiation and Conflict Management sample for Singaporean students

Negotiation and conflict management are the two crucial keystones of leadership. The managers who want to lead any organization efficiently should be capable to negotiate with both internal as well as external constituents. It is vital for the students seeking a career in management to learn the importance of negotiation. Similarly, to grow business productivity, managers should identify the various types of conflict. Singaporean students can acknowledge conflict styles and negotiation strategies and situations while preparing management assignments.

There are some of the efficient negotiation strategies for conflict resolution that help parties to avoid the outflow of a lawsuit and create value. Planning the appropriate program of studies, negotiation deadlines with the students, and serving on committees, all include some level of negotiation skills. There are generally three levels of negotiation namely; power, rights, and interest. If the Singaporean students preparing essays on negotiation and conflict management find any difficulty then they can take help from online samples.

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What do students mean by Negotiation?

Negotiation refers to the critical method by which people resolve differences. The process helps in reaching an agreement while avoiding disputes or any serious argument. The different forms of negotiation are employed in situations like government, international affairs, domestic relations, industrial disputes, and many more.

Managing and resolving conflicts requires the ability to communicate efficiently and determine issues with a sense of fairness. The interest-based approach to negotiation is ideal as it includes effective communication and leads to a win-win outcome. The students of Singapore pursuing management courses can go through with the various challenges and outcomes of the negotiation process. To achieve a desirable outcome, it is beneficial to follow a well-structured approach to negotiation.

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Different stages of negotiation

  • Preparation: It is the first stage that includes all the relevant facts of the situation to clarify the problem. It can include the information about the organization rules, to whom help should be given, and other factors.
  • Conversation: It is essential to focus on key skills including listening, questioning, and then clarifying. It is beneficial to first listen to avoid any argument or mistake of saying too much.
  • Clearing up: This stage clarifies the difference between both sides by focusing on the goals, viewpoints, and interests. Clarification is a crucial part of the negotiation to clear out the misunderstandings and stepping towards the outcome.
  • Discuss on the win-win result: It is necessary to discuss the compromises and alternative strategies at this point. Both sides can feel that their point is taken into consideration.
  • Agreement: This stage determines that an acceptable solution is achieved for both parties. The students should keep the agreement clear so that both sides recognize what has been decided.

Sample on Negotiation and conflict management

Title: What are the effective negotiation strategies for conflict management?

One of the most well-known negotiation strategies for conflict resolution is to avoid being hassled into an emotional response. The negotiator can challenge an individual’s expertise or competence. It’s crucial to stay positive in that situation and don’t turn a simple conversation into an argument. Someone can criticize the other party with a statement, “stop behaving so sensitively”. The main purpose of the negotiators is to create the odds of a peaceful and lasting management solution. Be criticizing or challenging, the offended party always try to provoke you. It’s crucial to defend against such actions without overreacting.

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