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The MLL313 Topics in Interpretation course is an exploration into the use of language in a variety of contexts. This course covers topics such as translation theory, literary hermeneutics, and Bible exegesis, all with the aim of enabling students to understand how meanings can be interpreted from language. The course incorporates elements from both traditional and contemporary interpretations, as well as putting a particular emphasis on cultural contexts and implications.

With this class, you will delve into the nuances and complexities of meaning-making and become better equipped to interpret communication through text. In addition to exploring concepts that have both practical and theoretical applications, students will also have the opportunity to engage with interesting debates surrounding interpretation today.

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In this section, we will be examining various assignment briefs. Specifically:

Assignment Brief 1: Appraise the concept and process of interpreting.

Interpreting is an important concept that allows us to better understand the information, knowledge and ideas communicated by others. It requires critical analysis, interpretation strategies and effective communication skills in order for individuals to be able to accurately interpret the meaning behind the words spoken.

It is only through a rigorous exploration of the language used and recognizing the relationship between words that we are able to gain a more complete understanding of another’s message. Interpreting can have a positive effect on society as it allows us to bridge cultural gaps and appreciate other points of view. Consequently, careful consideration should be given to how we approach interpreting in order to make sure that we properly comprehend every detail given.

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Assignment brief 2: Discriminate modes and types of interpreting.

Interpreting is a vital tool in connecting different languages and cultures, allowing both parties to communicate. There are three main distinguishing modes of interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, and liaison. Simultaneous interpreters carefully listen to a speaker in one language and provide interpretation into another language as quickly as possible. Consecutive interpreters wait for the speaker to finish their sentence, or pause after a few sentences, before providing an interpretation. Lastly, liaison interpreting takes place when two parties need interpreting during full-fledged conversations with one another. In addition to these modes, there are also various types of interpreters depending on the context of the conversation.

Court interpreters facilitate legal proceedings by translating statements from lawyers and witnesses; medical interpreters help bridge communication between those requiring medical assistance and healthcare professionals; educational interpreters interpret conversations between teachers, students, or families in academic settings; community interpreters usually take part in community events such as job fairs or cultural festivals; while sign language interpreters specialize in sign language translations. The art of interpreting is multifaceted, requiring deep knowledge and understanding of cultures and greater capacity for patience than spoken communication.

Assignment brief 3: Demonstrate an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the interpreter as a professional. 

As an interpreter, it is my responsibility to provide the highest quality of accurate and objective interpreting services. It is essential for me to ensure that the cultural context of the parties involved is respected, particularly in regards to accent and expression, so that a message can be conveyed as accurately as possible. To ensure integrity and impartiality in this process, I am accountable for translating messages word-for-word and not editorializing interpretations.

It is paramount that I maintain confidentiality of all conversations while seeking to understand complex information by comparing implied meanings within unfamiliar contexts while still conveying messages accurately. Furthermore, continuous development of professional knowledge and skills are required to stay up-to-date with industry trends and standards. As a professional interpreter, the services I provide should achieve a high level of accuracy and impartiality through clear communication between two or more parties.

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Assignment brief 4: Draft interpretation of different types of texts.

Accurately and effectively interpreting different types of texts is an important skill that can be put to great use in many professional and academic scenarios. It involves engaging with a text by making sense and understanding it, while taking into consideration the author’s intent, point of view, different textual evidences, authorial purpose and the target audience. Depending on the type of text, there may be additional skills such as film analysis techniques or basic computer coding that are needed to achieve effective interpretation.

When drafting an interpretation of any given text, it is important to carry out comprehensive research around it in order to establish reliable textual support for one’s stance. Furthermore, for complex interpretations, connecting ideas in a logical manner helps enhance persuasive delivery can help deliver one’s argument powerfully.

Assignment Brief 5: Modify language during consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

When communicating through consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, it is important to consider how the language used will be translated. Modifying language to make it clearer and easier to understand can prevent potential misunderstandings caused by differences in cultures and languages. Before speaking, plan how words will be articulated throughout the conversation and ensure they are appropriate for the context. Doing this promotes accuracy and builds trust between all parties involved in the conversation.

Furthermore, clear enunciation may help reduce the amount of time required for interpretation as well as improve comprehension on both sides. To achieve successful communication in any language, focus on being precise and attentive when formulating speech with consecutive or simultaneous interpretation.

Assignment brief 6: Apply knowledge of interpreting to English-Malay interpreting tasks if and when needed.

When carrying out interpreting tasks between English and Malay languages, knowledge of both cultures, the respective linguistic contexts, as well as an understanding of the source language, target language and cultural context are essential. As an experienced interpreter, I have acquired the necessary skills to accurately interpret between these two languages with precision and accuracy. My expertise in interpreting extends to a variety of settings such as marketing events, conferences, legal proceedings and more. Furthermore, I possess the official certifications that prove my proficiency in interpreting given documents accurately. Therefore, you can depend on me to apply the right knowledge when needed for English-Malay interpreting tasks.

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