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MLL352 Classical Malay Literature SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

MLL352 Classical Malay Literature course is an amazing opportunity for all English literature and language enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring the rich traditional and classical works of early Malay literature. In this dynamic, interactive course, students will discover and analyze the different elements of classic Malay pieces from their cultural, historical, and philosophical perspectives to gain insight on the captivating tradition of verbal art. Students can also look forward to a variety of activities such as debates, presentations, reflective essays, and more to hone their critical thinking and analytical skills while learning about the unique written works of ancient Malays.

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In this section, we’ll explore various assignment activities:

Assignment Activity 1: Appraise the importance of reading classical Malay literature as an attempt to understand Malay culture and society. 

Reading classical Malay literature is an important activity for anyone looking to gain a fuller picture of Malay culture and society. Through the works of writers such as Hang Tuah, Awang Sungkana and Che Hussin Onn, we can gain valuable insight into values and customs that are oftentimes assumed or overlooked. By reading classic Malay literature, we can learn the importance of honor, respect for intuition and wisdom, hospitality, loyalty to family and country, and acknowledgment of life’s fragility – all of which are core principles underlying and informing elements of traditional Malay manners and worldview.

To really understand the people behind the culture, classical literature provides us access to the outwardly visible surface. It gives us a look into how our ancestors thought and behaved in everyday activities; what they considered was worth praising; what their concept of justice was; even their understanding of friendship. Ultimately, reading classical Malay literature allows us to have a deeper appreciation and connection with the history that has helped shape modern Malay heritage.

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Assignment Activity 2: Evaluate critically the texts and its social meanings and presence.

The texts we refer to in modern society are rife with social implications, as many of them comment upon and analyze the ways that cultures interact with one another. While some texts may be used simply to entertain or educate, others can be utilized to strengthen our understanding of ourselves, our values, and even our relationships within the various communities we belong to.

Critical evaluation of these texts should examine the messages they communicate, the historical context they operate within, and any power dynamics between author and audience which might not be immediately apparent. Through a critical lens, works of literature and nonfiction can tell us much more about ourselves than if we take them at face value–a valuable exercise for both personal growth and navigating an increasingly multicultural world.

Assignment Activity 3: Apply the skills of reading critically of text vis-a-vis its context in a particular social group and historical period.

Analyzing a text through the lens of its particular social group and historical period is an important skill that can offer further insight into the text. It allows us to contextualize ideas and opinions in order to more fully understand a work. For example, by interpreting literature written in the era of Jim Crow laws within its historical context, we can learn more about how those laws affected the everyday lives of people living during this time period. Furthermore, examining literature from different social groups can help uncover forgotten or marginalized stories, adding depth and nuance to our understanding of history and culture. Thus, by reading critically with an eye for context, we can broaden our perspectives and gain a deeper understanding.

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Assignment Activity 4: Discuss how the social grouping’s ideologies and aesthetical sense color the literary works.

The ideologies and aesthetical sense of social groups can powerfully shape literary works; this is a concept that has been explored by writers from many different eras and backgrounds. From the romanticism present in 18th-century English literature to the criticism of colonialism found in modern postcolonial authors, societies play an important part in driving much of the literature we read today.

In particular, most writers often bring their own individual set of beliefs into their work, giving it a unique perspective that is reflective of their experiences in life. In turn, readers are able to gain insight into a culture by understanding any subtle nuances or messages present within the text. Ultimately, it is clear that social grouping’s ideologies and aesthetical sense have an undeniable influence on the way we interact with literature.

Assignment Activity 5: Determine the ways in which the readings of literary texts could give meaning to the existing interpretations and their counter-views.

The careful reading of literary texts can provide valuable insight into existing interpretations and their respective counterviews. Through a process of close consideration, readers are able to investigate the textual elements of such works and determine the most pertinent points that support both sides of an argument or discussion.

As a result, readers become better informed, their engagement with these texts developing into a deeper understanding that allows for discernment between important supportive details and otherwise insignificant details. By taking this approach to reading and engaging in critical thinking, readers are more likely to form accurate opinions and be more aware of where their judgments emerge; thus being better equipped to assess the different sides of any given argument thoroughly.

Assignment Activity 6: Analyse the values and thoughts as enjoined or objected as reflected and documented in literary texts.

Literary texts represent more than just entertainment; they are vessels of thoughts and ideas and the values that define their authors. By analyzing the types of values being presented in these texts, we can learn about ways of thinking during various historical periods, as well as draw comparisons between different cultures. Further examination of literary texts can provide insight into why some values and points of view are enjoined whereas others may be objected to–leading to a better understanding of the way people think and act. Literary study provides a lens for understanding how our beliefs shape our behavior, allowing us to observe relationships between society’s constructs and individual thoughts.

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