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MLL207 Comparative Study of Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

MLL207 Comparative Study of Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia is a fascinating course for anyone interested in Southeast Asian cultures. Through this course, learners gain insight into the history and evolution of both languages and develop a strong working knowledge of their structure.

Additionally, students get valuable experience analyzing, comparing and contrasting the two languages to understand their similarities and differences. This is an ideal course for anyone interested in learning more about cultural diversity within this region as well as exploring language acquisition strategies in different language varieties.

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In this section, we will outline the assignment tasks which include:

Assignment Task 1: Describe the key differences between Malay (BM) and Indonesian (BI) in terms of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and discourse, both spoken and written.

The Malay (BM) language and the Indonesian (BI) language are similar in many respects, yet they also differ in terms of discourse, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Generally speaking, both utilize the Latin alphabet and share many of the same words between the two groups. However, the ways those words are pronounced vary. For instance, speakers of BI will pronounce a word with a ‘t’ sound while BM speakers will pronounce it with a ‘ch’ sound.

Additionally, there are grammatical differences between the two languages; for example, as with most other inter-related languages, each exhibits its own unique nuances in terms of verb conjugation and pluralization. Furthermore, several words commonly used in one language may not exist in the other; an example would be the word ‘untuk’, which is heard often in BI but does not appear at all in BM.

Finally, discourse can also be drastically different when speaking or writing in either language; for example, part of BM culture dictates that politeness be extended to any social superior such as elders or teachers whereas this rarely takes place within BI conversations. Despite these differences, however, each language plays a critically important role in national identity formation within their respective countries.

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Assignment Task 2: Appraise the key differences between Malay (BM) and Indonesian (BI) in terms of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and discourse, both spoken and written. 

Malay (BM) and Indonesian (BI) may both come from the Austronesian language family, and are mutually intelligible to a certain degree, yet there are clear distinctions in terms of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and discourse. While the vocabulary for both languages comes from the same etymological sources, Malay has lots of loanwords from Arabic, Sanskrit and Persian origins whereas Indonesian influences are based largely on Dutch. Grammatically speaking, the biggest difference is that Malay relies heavily on ‘classifiers’ while Indonesian employs more powerful verbal inflected forms.

In terms of sounds and intonations, Malay makes use of vowel harmony while speaking, which allows words to flow more quickly in natural conversations compared with Indonesian where syllables aren’t altered in order to fit into a singular pattern. Both Malay and Indonesian allow for sufficient levels of expressiveness when it comes to spoken discourse – each requiring unique conjunctions for connecting ideas within sentences or dialogues – but there alternative ways of interpreting allegories or hidden meanings in written texts between the two languages.

Assignment Task 3: Explain some of the historical reasons for the differences between the two varieties of the language.

Variations within the English language can often make understanding one another difficult. In general, there are two varieties of English: British English and American English. Though both use the same language, these varieties have been heavily influenced by their respective countries’ rich histories. For instance, British English is largely based on Standard Written English, the type of language taught in schools and used for official documentation.

In comparison, American English derives from the early settlers who colonized the United States of America and has since developed its own unique vocabulary and pronunciation patterns. As a result, even with both languages being generally mutually intelligible to each other, there are enough subtle linguistic differences that enable people to determine a speaker’s origin country if familiar enough with either variety.

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Assignment Task 4: Analyse some of the historical reasons for the differences between the two varieties of the language.

English, as a language, has two distinct varieties: British English and American English. Although these two variations of the same language share some common traits, they also display stark differences in many elements including pronunciation, spelling, and even vocabulary. These distinctions are the outcome of a complex history and various overlaps between the two regions throughout time. Over 400 years ago, when English became prominent in America, many words were brought over from England and consequently adopted into the lexicon of American English.

From this point forward, dialects developed independently in either region and new linguistic features began to arise due to geographic differences as well as political and social developments through the 18th century. As a result of such complex pathways to modernity for both dialects, British English holds greater influence from Germanic languages such as Old Norse whereas American English is more impacted by French languages due to colonization efforts by France during that same period.

Assignment Task 5: Illustrate two differing forms of BM and BI using acceptable linguistic terminology. 

Business intelligence (BI) and business metrics (BM) are two distinct forms of data analysis used to measure the success of a company. BI is focused on analyzing existing data gathered from sources such as financial records, customer behavior, and employee feedback in order to identify trends and areas for improvement.

On the other hand, BM enables companies to track their performance against key operational markers such as growth rate and return on investment, providing an ideal place to identify the changes that need to be made in order for the company’s strategy to be successful. Each tool has its own unique approach to uncovering insights about the organization, making them invaluable assets when it comes to determining a course of action that will ensure long-term business success.

Assignment Task 6: Use appropriate vocabulary and grammar when dealing with BM or BI texts. 

It is essential to use the correct language and grammar when composing texts for business or academic purposes. Poorly written texts can cause confusion and misunderstandings, detract from intended meanings, or lead to unintended results. Therefore, it is crucial to use proper vocabulary and grammar in any BM or BI texts you write. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the common expressions related to the chosen topic before constructing your content; this will help you select the suitable wording and promote clarity in your writing. Furthermore, one should stay consistent with their selected set of terms throughout a document for a more polished outcome.

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