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Maritime Regulation and Governance Sample Essay

Our topic of discussion in this sample essay will be “Maritime regulation and governance”. Maritime is one of the world’s oldest industries, as it has been around since time itself.  In fact, we have discussed the topic of the maritime industry in another sample namely; “recent developments in maritime industry. Hence we recommend students go through that as it is closely related to this one.

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Moving on, it is obvious that every industry including maritime requires regulations to work properly and legally, In addition, there is also a need for an authority to govern this industry. Consequently, we shall be discussing the rules, laws, regulations, and governing authorities related to the concept. Moreover, we shall be discussing the concept in the context of the Singapore city-state.

Furthermore, we shall be providing a clear picture of the concept to the readers. For the sake of simplicity, we shall be dividing the Sample essay into different sections. In addition, we shall also be discussing different topics related to it. Nevertheless, the following topics will be discussed:

Firstly we shall be looking at “what is maritime regulations, rules, and law?”. . Later on, we will discuss the Fundamental maritime rules. Moreover, we will be going through the topic of maritime and the Port Authority of Singapore. Lastly, we will be looking at the role of the maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

 What are maritime regulations, rules, and Law?

Maritime law, regulations, rules, and so on; are often called admiralty law. Moreover, it is a fundamental brand of law that concerns the regulation of commerce or navigation on water bodies i.e. ocean, seas, and so on.

The maritime law covers various areas some of which include legislation development, custom-excise regulations, wreck and salvage, passenger linear matters, human rights and employment(in relation to the crew), insurance claims, stowaways implications, and so on.

Furthermore, as maritime exceed the boundaries of a nation. Consequently, maritime regulations and rules are mostly international. Nevertheless, each country has there own set of laws for regulating maritime industry yet they all comply with fundamental international laws.

Similarly, the Singapore city-state has its own set of maritime laws and regulations. In addition, it also has its own authority that governs the maritime industry which we will be discussing later on in the sample essay.

Fundamental maritime law

We will be going through the Fundamental laws of the maritime industry, in this sample essay. Moreover, these laws are not specific to any country, rather applied to global trade. Another important term is IMO or international maritime organization.

Furthermore, IMO governs the international maritime industry as well as looks after the implication of maritime laws and regulations. Moving on, the Fundamental rules or laws of the maritime industry are as mentioned below:

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The term “MARPOL” refers to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.  Moreover, this is the single most important international law that works to prevent the pollution of the marine environment caused by oil leakage in maritime accidents and other reasons.

Furthermore, this rule was implemented in the year of 1973 by the international maritime organization.


The STCW means International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers. Moreover,  the main goal of this rule is to set standards for training and certification for personals on maritime merchant vessels.

This regulation was adopted a year later i.e. 1978 by the international maritime organization.

Hague-Visby Rules

These rules’ main goal is to look after the problems related to arbitrary restrictions which were imposed by carriers to limit their own liability.  Moreover, the Hague-Visby rules do so by providing standard obligations and responsibilities under lading bills to carriers and shippers.

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

The maritime and port Authority of Singapore is often also known as MPA. This is the governing authority over the maritime industry in Singapore. Moreover, this government organization can into being on the 2nd of February, 1996. In addition, the main aim of this authority is the development of Singapore city-state’s ports and the maritime industry as well as protect and advance strategic maritime interests’ of Lion city.

Furthermore, it has played a vital role in making Singapore a premier global hub port and the international maritime center. In fact, MPA acts as the port regulators, port planners, national maritime representatives, as well as port authority. Moving on, MPA works with the industry itself to improve safety, environmental protection as well as security across concerned areas.

Role of maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

As we read above, MPA acts as the Port Authority, Developer & Promoter, as well as the National Sea Transport Representative. As a result, MPA has played a vital role in each one of them. It concerns itself with regulation and management of ports as well as other marine services across the Singaporean waters.

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