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LF9001 French Language Level 1 NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University NTU French language level 1 module introduces to the Civilization and culture of the French language to the beginners. The NTU LF9001 course is developed specially according to the needs of NTU students.

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The LF9001 French language level 1 module learning outcomes

The French language level 1 course is an unrestricted elective (UE) designed for undergraduate students.

On successful completing the NTU curriculum, candidates would be able to acquire an understanding upon:

1. To communicate in French according to the elementary social linguistic norms

You would learn the French language by communicating with your classmates in French. This will be a part of classroom discussion and group activities as assigned in the LF9001 syllabus.

2. To interact in French in a very simple way while performing basic real-life tasks

You would be required to translate simple English languages into French and apply it as a part of your French language level 1 subject communication skills.

3. To speak with accuracy and sufficient fluency on the topics related to others and yourself, your daily life, your likes, dislikes your hobbies, your city, and your family.

The NTU LF9001 modules will cover a range of familiar topics related to your daily life and family that need to be converted into simple French sentences. This is required to check your fluency and accuracy with the language.

4. To write simple informative descriptive short texts and sentences on familiar topics

Not only by communicating you would be asked to write sentences, assignments, and essays related to daily based topics in this language.

5. Comprehend, interpret and listen to the simplified spoken material available in the French language

In the NTU French language level 1 tutorial, students would be shown videos and audios to make them listen and interpret the French language.

6. To address and learn comprehension question related to the above-mentioned family topics

The LF9001, learning would be made more fun and enjoyable by organizing lots of activities and engagement in and out of the French classes.

7. Read, interpret and comprehend simplified written material in the French language and address related comprehension questions of the family topics

  • By the online activities and audio-visual range, you will relate to one-self such as hobbies, everyday activities, location, numbers, time identities, and greetings.
  • The LF9001 notes will become beneficial for you if you want to become a part of the French-speaking companies.

8. Introduction of the Civilization and culture of the French language to the students

Using all learner-centric approach of teaching the French language level 1 NTU course, it will provide knowledge to francophone speakers regarding cross-cultural situations

9. Students will acquire knowledge on the French language basics

You will learn the basics fundamentals of the French language through the LF9001 workbook and textbook that is developed specifically according to the needs and requirements of NTU students

10. To expose candidates to the usage of an authentic French language

The usage of this language would be taught through video and audio resources. This is integrated into the French language level 1 syllabus to make you learn about this authentic language

11. They will learn the sentence Constructions, words use, and verbs used commonly in French

  • This will follow an action-oriented approach to make you practice the language skills through collaborative tasks assigned to you in the classroom.
  • The French blended learning would be implemented by emphasizing autonomous learning in all LF9001 NTU French Classes.

12. The course will be beneficial for students who want to work, study or travel in French countries

During French language level 1 class you will write simple essays, read dialogues and text, watch videos, answering simple questions, and role play would prove beneficial for you to understand and learn the French language effectively.

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