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LAW 205 Introduction to Forensics Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

LAW 205 Introduction to Forensics Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

In this assignment sample, we will be going to discuss the LAW 205 Introduction to Forensics. Forensic science is a fascinating field to study, but there are many misconceptions about the work that goes into crime scene investigations. The law205 course helps dispel those myths and also provides students with valuable knowledge on what can be done after an investigation has been completed. I highly recommend this class because it will help you better understand your future career in forensic sciences!

LAW 205 Introduction to Forensics teaches us how forensics teams actually conduct themselves at crime scenes–what they’re capable of doing and how long processes take. More importantly, though, we learn why these skills matter: understanding them enables people who never thought their degree would lead to anything interesting or useful to get excited for their future careers in criminal justice fields like Forensic Sciences.

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The course’s aim is to introduce students to law enforcement, crime scene investigation techniques, and forensic sciences. We will learn how to work a crime scene, collect evidence, and interpret it in order to tell the story of what happened.

This course was designed to analyze forensics for crime scenes, as well as what goes into a police investigation.

In this course, students will be introduced to the basic concepts of crime scene analysis and forensics. The four main areas of investigation that we will focus on are the forensic investigator’s responsibility, technology in criminal investigations, collecting/processing evidence at the crime scene, and case studies for various crimes. We will also learn about local, state, and federal laws concerning how evidence is collected and handled.

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This course concludes with the skills to draw and work as a when analyst, signifying their ability to understand what they’re seeing.

1.Comment on the various stages of the investigation process and the role of the forensic specialist in court

An investigation can be broadly divided into three stages. The first stage is the inquiry phase in which a variety of information gathering techniques are employed, and a preliminary opinion about an alleged problem is formed. The goal is to find out enough about what happened so that the investigator will have objective facts to work with before proceeding to the next stage.

The interview of witnesses constitutes an important part of this first investigative stage, and formal methods of interrogation may be used if desired. A review of medical records, toxicology reports, or other relevant data may also take place at this time.

The role of the forensic specialist in court is to find evidence and present that evidence to the judge in a way that makes it understandable. Forensic specialists are often very important pieces of the judicial system as they help decide if guilt has been established or innocent. For example, when examining a crime scene for fingerprint residue, DNA left behind with clothes, footwear impressions; hair samples found on bed sheets or tied around victims’ necks; these items would hopefully provide enough information for individuals who specialize in these fields and by law are called as expert witnesses. Forensic specialists work under uniquely tricky circumstances where they take an object at the crime scene and transfer them onto something such as paper before being able to show judges what they present.

2.Describe the concepts, values, principles, and procedures forensics science commonly used in Singapore and explain the relationship between them in a number of subject areas, as well as apply them

Forensics science in Singapore incorporates biomedical, clinical, analytical, and other sciences and is based on legislation such as the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC), the Evidence Act (EA), and the latest principles of biological science.

The principal subjects within forensics science are Medico-legal and Crime Scene Investigation. At the School of Forensic Sciences of Nanyang Technological University, each year we send 50 qualified undergraduates to police training courses such as Junior Police Officer Course or National Service Directorate to fulfill requirements for pre-employment experience before they join their prospective employers. The objective at NSDS being that they will be confident in their profession when confronted with a challenging forensic inquiry case from crimes committed by any category including terrorist acts.

It uses a variety of different principles and procedures based on concepts such as time, space, law enforcements’ criminal investigations methods, and criminals’ limits from carrying out their crimes efficiently so that they can be found using these methods.

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Time – there are many ways to track mobility by analyzing metals into soils or dirt; it is possible through earth magnetism lines which will point out directions according to north-south if metals are present in dirt samples.

3.Analyse fact patterns to identify relevant issues of law, fact, and procedure

Fact patterns are often utilized to identify issues that may exist in a legal field and in advocacy. These patterns also work as ways that government agencies, institutions, and individuals come up with questions to ask themselves when thinking about evidence.

Some things to look at when considering fact pattern are the position of people involved, time and location, the proximity of events or persons involved, a chronology of events or persons involved, the offenders’ mental state or intentions at the time- whether they had criminal intent or were acting recklessly for example- surroundings surrounding commitments including material facts such as weapons used to commit the crime.

4.Respond to the issues identified, identifying the relevant rules of substantive law, procedure, or evidence

  1. Respond to the issues identified, identifying relevant rules of substantive law and court decisions
  2. If there is no pertinent rule, then review your knowledge and study of substantive law to determine the best approach
  3. Perform a thorough Legal Research using keyword search terms in order to find cases where this issue may have been adjudicated
  4. Draft an Independent research paper on how courts apply rule of law in resolving the matter (40%)
  5. Draft an outline containing headings as they would be set out within your final legal research paper (30%)
  6. Write a draft of up to two pages (approximately 300 words) for each subtopic under “Manifest Decriminalizing Aspects”

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5.Apply the relevant results to come to a conclusion on the issues

We can apply the relevant results to come to a conclusion on the issues. Applying relevant, as well as scientifically proven, information will help us to make up our minds about what we feel is best for us. It’s always a good idea to understand both sides of an argument and do research before making any decisions about our lives. The facts speak for themselves so it’s important that we only base life-changing decisions on scientific fact, not hearsay or fiction.

6.Formulate an opinion, provide a solution and advise based on the conclusions

We can formulate an opinion in court by studying the details of the case and finding evidence to back up our theory.

Formulating a winning argument is often based on observing, forming hypotheses, and testing those hypotheses with facts as they are revealed during the trial.

Keep in mind that opinions must be put into context with what other witnesses have said or found about the situation or crime if they conflict. A lawyer’s opinion should be relayed to the jury, judge (or other audience) through logical arguments and examples from real-life counterparts.

Provide a solution to your opinion in court by using objective logic supported with factual evidence. One does not need to personally agree or judge the ruling to provide a matter-of-fact answer.

One misconception about courts is that judges make up their own interpretations on the spot and that they are always biased one way or another. That just isn’t true… judges make arguments based on facts and another legal precedence, so it may be tough for them to see how you can logically support an idea without giving them specific direction first. Presenting a question like “why was my client’s sentence harsher because he committed the same crime as someone else?” might give some guidance as to what sort of information the judge is looking for when generating an argument against this.

7.Express ideas, concepts, and arguments in the English language and legal terminology with care and accuracy

We can express ideas in the English language with legal terminology with care. This is a complex question that deserves a more detailed answer that exceeds the scope of this website. Nevertheless, let’s give it a try. In many legal cases, attorneys use legalese to either confuse jurors or as an intimidation tactic against opposing counsel.

This can be problematic if your goal is to make sense to the average layperson jury member rather than just sound like you know what you’re talking about! It’s important for lawyers arguing in English not to go overboard with abbreviations and acronyms unless absolutely necessary because they often undermine the reader’s comprehension and even worse lead them back into their own jargon gutters from which they have trouble emerging.

In the contentious world of copyright law, there are a few important considerations that writers must be mindful of. If someone infringes on copyright and a publisher chooses to take legal action, s/he must show that the infringement was willful.

This means that an infringement cannot have been accidental or unintentional. It is possible for both parties to reach an agreement regarding any disputes without going to court, though this option is not available if the plaintiff prevails at trial.

It is often necessary for lawyers to express arguments in the English language with legal terminology. To do so, the lawyer must first understand what he/she is arguing at a very high level before proceeding to break down the argument into individual and highly technical parts.

We can also express arguments in the English language with legal terminology with care. For instance, when exploring complex or sensitive issues from different perspectives, it’s important that words are used precisely and cogently. This means using terms in their most appropriate sense as well as picking the right synonyms according to context – not just casually swapping words around without distinction between them.

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8.Employ information technology in an office environment for the search for information, the preparation of documents and presentations

It’s a good idea to use some nifty features that we expect from our personal computers but actually have difficulty finding in an office environment. Legal search engines are designed to make information retrieval easier and more efficient and they will save you hours of research time.

Some of the best legal search sites provide free access, others may require membership or license but with one click you get instant access to important cases, statutes, laws, and regulations tailored for your area of law. With this site, you will be spending your time absorbing valuable information rather than wandering aimlessly through abstracts trying to find what it is that interests you.

We can prepare document IT in an office for search for legal information. We just create drafts and work on them with the help of legal advisors before we publish them to avoid making mistakes. Preparing documents for IT in an office is a great way to do research for any case, find evidence, or proposals. Your template will depend on the type of case you’re looking at; talk to your legal advisors and consult relevant forums online about how to proceed with these preparations before taking steps!

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we can make presentations for IT in an office environment for the legal documents by using special software. We just include the info we want in it, make a draft and check with legal advisors before publishing. Preparing documents for IT in an office environment is a good way to do research depending on the type of case you’re looking at; talk to your legal advisors about how to proceed and consult relevant forums about these preparations beforehand!

here are the methods mentioned above: with reference to witness accounts when drafting a document presenting or justifying why charges must be brought against someone,

(i) talking about cause and effect evidence,

(ii) talking about generalizing evidence.

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The above assignment sample is based on LAW Introduction to Forensics SUSS, Singapore.

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