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LAW303 Law of Business Organizations TMA Assignment Sample

A student who aspires to make his career bright in a legal field i.e. arena of laws must also be aware of the law of business organizations. A law student should understand how the businesses are organized in Singapore and what are the relevant laws and rules. In order to enhance their knowledge and understanding, several law students pursue the LAW303 Law of Business Organizations course.

The LAW303 course is offered at Singapore University of Social Sciences in a form of 6 months duration course. Along with the outstanding course and its mastery, this course also provides the students with a variety of Tutor Marked Assignments as well as Group Based Assignments.

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Moreover, apart from these, this course also takes an online exam which is called timed online assignment.

These are a very essential part of the course program as these carry 40% weightage of marks in the final course result. Thus, students work hard, read books, class notes, refer library books, and also review multiple LAW303 Law of Business Organizations TMA assignment samples.

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Objective of LAW303 Law of Business Organizations Course

The major objective behind introducing the SUSS LAW303 course to the Singaporean students is to familiarize them with different ways of how can a business be organized in Singapore- from the ground level i.e. sole proprietor to the higher level like a public company listed on the stock exchange.

The course will teach the students about all the laws and regulations relevant to business management and growing the business legally. This SUSS LAW303 course will enable the students to understand and explore their knowledge about the rights or obligations of the various stakeholders with respect to each of the business organizations.

Introduction to Business Organization Law

Business organization law refers to the different means that a business can be legally formed following state laws. Also, along with integrating as a corporation, one can form a business as partnerships, limited liability companies, and other business forms.

Since each business comes along with a specific tax, liabilities, benefits, drawbacks, management, thus, selecting a suitable type of organization for your business depends on various factors.

Similarly, there can be various stages in the process of developing a business that depends on different factors. And thus, here is the business organization laws that come into action.

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Course Structure of SUSS LAW303 Law of Business Organization

The SUSS LAW303 course exposes the students to various topics so that they could understand the subject wholly.

Here are the main topics of LAW303 SUSS course: –

  • Business Organizations in General
  • Companies: Limited and Unlimited, public and private and Related Companies
  • Shares in a Company; different classes of shares
  • Incorporation and Corporate Personality; Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Debentures and Charges
  • Membership: Shareholders in a Company, Minority Rights; Meetings
  • Directors and Other Officers of a Company; Directors’ Duties and Liabilities
  • Enforcement of Corporate Rights; Company Administration; Shares in a Company
  • Protection of Creditors of a Company
  • Partnerships in general
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Liquidation of a Company; Judicial Management of a Company

Learning Upshots of SUSS LAW303 Course

The educational outcomes of the SUSS LAW303 course are as follows: –

  • Explain the relevant laws, its creation and development, which institutions the law is administered in and who are the personnel that practice law
  • Examine the fact patterns to identify relevant issues of law, fact, and procedure
  • Identify the relevant law that can be used to address the identified issue
  • Use the relevant laws and rules to come to an appropriate conclusion of an issue
  • Device an opinion, provide a solution and advise based on the conclusions

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