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HW0188 Engineering Communication NTU TMA Assignment Sample

With the accelerating demand of engineers in current scenario, many students are opting for engineering courses as their full time career.

The famous Singaporean university well renowned as Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is offering (HW0188) Engineering Communication Course as a part of materials science and engineering four year course.

This (HW0188) Engineering Communication Course which is also taught at National University of Singapore (NUS) is coupled with mandatory assignments like Microsite Question, HW0188 assignment 1 and HW0188 assignment 2 that has to be submitted by the students.

This course (HW0188) engineering communication will be taught in second year as a GER-PE-UE that is (General education requirement prescribed elective unrestricted elective) core course type which consists of academic units credits of 2 points.

Students can opt for this course through an online system known as NTU STARS (Student Automated Registration System) as a part of the course registration process at (NTU) Nanyang Technological University.

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How can you define Engineering Communication?

Work doesn’t occur in vacuum. Engineers must understand importance of effective communication with people of different departments, with supervisors and with their clients to successfully complete their project.

Types of communication as an engineer

  • Presentations and Lab reports
  • Design reviews and graphics
  • Narrative writing and proposals
  • Email, memos, letters
  • Engineering reports and public meeting
  • Policy statement, codes and specifications

Key points defining clear communication

  1. Consistent communication
  2. Listening
  3. Proper concise and clear speech
  4. Patience
  5. Following up

Wondering why communication is important for engineers?

Written and oral communication skills are the key factor for any business to become successful especially when we talk about engineering.

Communication skills provide clear cut information to your team that can enhance your group performance by delivering excellent work.

Objective of the (HW0188) Engineering Communication Course

Professional engineers in addition to gain expert knowledge of engineering must know how to communicate his knowledge to colleagues and community.

This course is designed to help students develop skills regarding vocabulary of Engineering and professional communication.

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HW0188 Engineering Communication will cover topics that are listed below:

  1. Technical writing: writing technical description definition and explanation
  2. Technical information communication; Understanding oral and written skills of communication in engineering
  3. Importance of engineering communication
  4. Presenting technical arguments writing
  5. Applications of communication models
  6. Paraphrasing, citation of information and summarizing when writing from different sources
  7. Technical report proposals editing, writing and revising
  8. Cultural and ethical behavior in engineering communication

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What you will learn in (HW0188) Engineering Communication Course?

Upon completing this (HW0188) Engineering Communication Course successfully we expect students would learn:

  1. Writing customized technical report and proposal tailor made for the audience
  2. Producing academic prose according to their field
  3. Learning key topics of Engineering
  4. Communication as a part of business success that is making rules, giving feedback and creating policy of open-door

Most significant communication skills for every engineer are

  • Public speaking
  • Writing and good documentation
  • Speaking with authority

Engineers who possess effective communication are recognized by their clients and their supervisors which in turn improve their performance and their loyal customer base.

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