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Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

HRM or Human resource management is quite an important part of any organization. However, HR faces several issues. In this sample essay, we shall be looking at the contemporary issues in Human resource management. So, without further adieu:

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Human resource management: overview

Now, we know that a busy has several problems. For instance Cash flow, revenue, production, marketing, and so on. However, there is another important issue in the business setting that is usually overlooked. It is related to Human resource management.

Again, we know that HRM refers to the management of an organization’s workforce and helps them increase productivity. As such, it also includes the following:

  • Analyzing and designing jobs
  • Workforce Planning
  • Employe’s training and development
  • Performance management
  • Legal processes
  • Compensation and benefits

Moreover, Human resource management issues are usually seen in small firms. Reason being that smaller businesses do not have a proper HR department in place. Here, HR responsibilities are fulfilled by just one HR or another member of higher management.

Nevertheless, to tackle the problems related to human resource management, we must first understand them. Thus, we shall be discussing the 5 most common problems seen in HRM. In addition, you may note that these issues are directly related to the functions of Hr we discussed above.

Moving on, the most common issues as seen in HRM are, as mentioned below:

Laws and Regulation Compliance 

Employment Laws and regulations are regularly evolving. Thus, businesses have difficulty keeping up with this change. In fact, several organizations ignore these laws with the excuse that these laws do not apply to them.

However, this act is considered to be unethical. Consequently, it could lead to several legal disputes. For instance audits, lawsuits, fines, etc. In the worst-case scenario, it may also lead to the dissolution of the company.

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Changes in Management

We can all agree that growth in an organization happens as a whole. This means that when a business grows, so does its strategies, organizational structure as well as and internal process. Whereas we see this change as positive, there are some issues related to this.

Usually, employees or Members of the organization struggle to cope with this change. Therefore, there is less productivity during these periods. In addition, it also affects the overall performance of the organization.

Leadership Development

We have often heard that a team is as good as its leader. Thus, developing leadership is quite an important task. However, the majority of organizations do not have an effective system of leadership development.

Moreover, a survey found out that a considerable number of organizations have admitted that their leadership development is less than average. Consequently, their real potential is left untapped.

Training and Development of the Workforce 

Another common function of HRM is to train and develop the workforce. Reason being that investment in employees always pays back to the organization.

However, several organizations do not have required resources to do the same. In addition to this, frontline employees are usually quite busy. Thus, they don’t always have time to enroll in these programs either.

Workplace diversity

Now, we have discussed diversity in the workplace in quite some detail before. However, apart from generation, there is another ethnic and cultural diversity in the workplace. Even though there are certain advantages related to it. There are some issues too.

Moreover, small firms usually face several challenges related to diversity. Reason being that HRM can not always stop workplace harassment and diversity-based discrimination.

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