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Human Capital Management Essay

Human Capital Management Essay

This essay sample of Human Capital Management for Singapore students. Here we will discuss What is human capital management? Why is human capital management Important? HCM capacities, HCM versus HRMS, Challenges, Human Capital Management tools, etc.

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Introduction- Human Capital Management Essay

In this sample essay, we shall be looking at the topic of Human capital management. It is quite an important concept for students of management. Thus, we shall be discussing this concept in great detail. So without further adieu:

Main body- Human Capital Management Essay

What is human capital management?

Human capital management (HCM) is a rigid of practices related to humans help management. These practices are focused on the authoritative need to give remarkable capabilities and are executed in three classes: workforce obtaining, staff control, and faculty streamlining.

Moving on, The applications that help to permit human capital control to comprise of:

focus authoritative help:

  • faculty management
  • endowments organization
  • Payroll
  • Portal/representative self-transporter
  • supplier focus

Why is human capital management Important?

HCM tends to most enterprises’ biggest subsidizing: human creatures. putting resources into human capital. Moreover,  It can help representative inventiveness and efficiency, and over the long haul, an organization’s benefit. Inability to rehearse HCM can achieve missed potential outcomes, lost deals, and better effort costs.

In addition, HCM can help organizations live in front of significant labor force patterns, along with:

  • Changing socioeconomics Since the assortment of laborers quite a while, new ages of laborers convey unmistakable examples and wishes.
  • Gig economy The upsurge in nutshell occupations via Singaporean workers for hire and consultants confuses booking, agreements, and consistency with assessment and business laws.
  • Complex law Laws and rules substitute quickly, and resistance can bring about powerful fines and lawful offense accusations. as an occurrence, inside the U.S. Moreover the more affordable Care Act, own family and clinical withdraw Act, and lewd behavior laws put included focus companies to keep up to date with rules.
  • HR records bunches aggregate huge amounts of internal and outer data about their labor forces. HCM innovation can help oversee and dissect it. Moving on, we shall be discussing the capacitie4s of HCM in the next section of the sample essay. These are

HCM capacities

The highlights of HCM programming are normally coordinated into the ensuing classes:

  • Center HR, including finance, favors singaporean  organization, onboarding (carrying workers into the company), consistency control, and support of representative records.
  • Talent management, the way of selecting, developing, and keeping staff. Abilities control suites include marvelous however fused modules for enrollment, execution management, reimbursement control, dominating, and progression-making arrangements.
  • Staff control, the arrangement of capacities for sending representatives with the significant abilities to remarkable locales, divisions, or errands. It comprises time and participation management, staff making arrangements, efforts booking, and planning.
  • Provider delivering, which incorporates HR help work areas, intranet entryways, representative self-supplier, and director self-supplier.

Moving on, The examination is the indispensable component in making HCM more noteworthy vital and adjusting it to the monetary achievement of the singapore organization. Thus, once in a while, the examination gear is confined to a specific HCM work. For instance, collection of laborers investigation can assist with the gathering of laborers advancement. Simultaneously as online media and joint effort stuff can work with the regular comments and correspondence needed for constant generally execution management.

Furthermore, we shall be looking at the difference between HCM and HRMS in the next section. Therefore, these are, as mentioned below:

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HCM versus HRMS

HCM is one of a few HR terms that sound similar and are frequently haggard. Furthermore, HCM is both a bunch of HR strategies and the name of the class of programming. As such, an HRMS is fixed of fused programming applications and various innovations used to control HR techniques. Predominantly focus managerial ones like representative data, finance, and advantages. HR experts will regularly say they have set up “an HRMS,” and programming transporters now and again utilize the term for their suites. However, HCM is additional ordinary.

Therefore, HRMS is practically inseparable from a more established, significantly less usually utilized term, human helpful asset measurements machine (HRIS). Thus, a few humans use HRIS to mean just the middle managerial contraption, and it’s far the ideal abbreviation for the IT positions in HR divisions.

Moving on, HCM is a miles more extensive umbrella time span for all HR programming and the just frequently used by merchants.


Human capital management to do their incredible is innately intense. However, certain districts are famously hard to oversee and improve, as per HR directors. Therefore, we shall be discussing the challenges of the same. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Management improvement requires an extreme, supported endeavor to perceive workers’ capacity for administrative roles and offer viable tutoring.
  • Compensation and favors. Singaporean organizations endeavor to get right, comparative data on big business charges and alter their projects to remain serious.
  • Succession arranging requires a perspective on future authoritative trade this is difficult to peer in the midst of extra critical cravings. Numerous associations do a sufficient movement of making arrangements changes for senior government positions, yet there is creating notoriety that the mass retirement of kid boomers will name for progression making arrangements at different stages.
  • Getting to realize management impacts severe HCM issues, anyway more established acquiring information on control frameworks are oftentimes incongruent with more up to date, web-based tutoring assets, and instructive substance is difficult to minister effectively and cost successfully.
  • Singaporean Employee maintenance evades the different awful outcomes of representative turnover. Loss of institutional aptitude and higher enlistment charges, to name two enormous ones. However, a few enterprises think that it’s difficult to notable why faculty leave and boosting maintenance requires an HCM technique which is terminating all chambers.

Human capital management software

A human capital management system (HCM) is used in most companies to manage their whole organization. It’s important for you, as an HR professional and manager of employees that this software is used effectively because it will assist with everything from payroll processing all the way down to providing your team members training on new technology or safety protocols if necessary. As I show below there are many great HCM tools out there so don’t just take my word for it!

Here’s a shortlist of the HCM platforms that made my top 10 list:

  • Eddy – Best for easily customized onboarding.
  • Oracle HCM Cloud – Best for AI and machine learning insights.
  • Sage People – Best for employee engagement functionalities.
  • SAP SuccessFactors – Best for scalability of add-ons.
  • ADP WorkforceNow – Best for integration with existing HR software.
  • Workday – Best for user experience and user interface design.
  • Rippling – Best for small businesses and HR teams.
  • Vibe HCM – Best for HR transaction automation.
  • Ascentis – Best for medium and large enterprises.
  • Viventium – Best for usability and user onboarding.
  • eXo Platform – Best for employee social networking


The benefits of human capital management are it increases productivity, decreases costs, and reduces employee turnover. It also helps ensure that the workforce has appropriate skills to meet organizational needs now and in the future. However, this isn’t always easy because HR professionals are often required to make tough decisions on the limited information given by employees who may not be forthcoming with their current or potential problems. These challenges can be overcome if organizations invest time upfront for effective training programs which will help people perform better at work as well as develop new skillsets needed for future opportunities.

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