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E-commerce and Online Shopping Essay Sample Singapore

Online marketing is giving tough competition to the conventional way of buying things from stores. Today we have so many online websites that are selling all types of products from a needle to the mechanical parts of an engine. Under such situations, there comes a question of the survival of those stores which are running for a long period of time across the world.

If we observe the fact meticulously then we will come to know that it is not the situation where the existence of these conventional shopping stores is getting extinct.

Still, we can have a glimpse of stores that are doing very well in the market. The reason can be given for the reliability of the people in these stores more than through online sources.

The survival of the shops is less as compared to the online shopping business because most of the stores are selling products at too low cost and also giving free deliveries to the customers that make sense to switch to an online shopping website.

The reason why the low price is available for the same product through online channels can be given to the cause that in an online business lot of money is saved by the seller by saving the rent of the store, electricity, and other charges that can be utilized as a discount for the buyers.

In the past couple of decades, there has been a massive change in the shift of the way by which people prefer to purchase their day-to-day objects and needs. Even groceries and dairy items are also being ordered through online platforms these days.

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The brands which are having luxury showrooms are also not empty these days and we cannot go on a weird statement that the orthodox way of shopping is no more. Even those people who have a fair idea of shopping through online websites sometimes find it better to go on an outing to purchase the things rather than stay back at home on the weekends also.

So we can say that this is for sure that online marketing and sale of the products is growing very fast but it does not go to take the entire space of conventional way to buy the products by going to the markets.

The conclusion of the essay can be given from the above discussion or better to say discourse is that any new thing cannot change the existing situation of the market or for that matter any sphere immediately. It is always a gradual change that occurs in every field of life and similar is the case with an online business.

You cannot suppose an instant change and shift in the entire setup of the market just because of the cheap price. There are so many other things that go hand in hand with the prices for buying anything.

For instance, the customer’s satisfaction cannot be ignored at any level by the businessmen and this can be availed from a reliable shopping website and through genuine stores in the market as well. Sometimes online resources limit us to a choice from given products which is not the case with stores where a lot of choices are available in a diverse range of prices and colors along with quality.

That is why we can reach a conclusion or inference that both online and offline businesses can do well if given the utmost satisfaction to customers. There are stores that give online facilities to the users and at the same time available in store form as well.

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