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HG8004 Communication Across Cultural Contexts NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) communication across cultural contexts module will cover intercultural and inter-language communication.

The NTU HG8004 course will further introduce intercultural communication models and frameworks for the students.

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The HG8004 communication across cultural contexts module learning objectives

The NTU communication across cultural contexts is a GER-prescribed electives (GER-PE) course that comprises 3 academic units.

Upon the completion of the HG8004 NTU module candidates would learn the following

1. To acquire a basic understanding of problems and issues pertaining the intercultural communication

  • The communication across cultural contexts module provides an understanding of various problems related to communication due to cultural barriers.
  • It will further provide an introduction to cultural values and cultural beliefs pertaining the society and factors on how to solve them.

2. To gain an understanding of problems and issues arising due to inter-language

  • In the ntu HG8004 notes we will study problems related to inter-language that are arising due to changes in immigration policies, Technology, economics, and transportation world-wide.
  • We will also see some barriers to communication like language, ethnocentrism, anxiety, and Prejudice.

3. To present intercultural theories to the students without having the linguistics background

  • They would have an opportunity to gain insight into intercultural theories to understand the cultural values and traditions.
  • We will get aware of the role of groups, families, race, and gender in forming a personal identity. We will have an overview of the theories like communication accommodation theory and cultural convergence theory through HG8004 lectures.

4. To introduce models and frameworks related to intercultural communication

We will learn various frameworks with communication styles across individuals and cultures in this communication across cultural contexts syllabus. We will learn the linguistics basics and about nonverbal communication and its connection to the different spoken language.

5. To link assumptions and hypothesis studied to the intercultural communications in practices

  • The HG8004 NTU content course will focus on how to collaborate with people coming from different cultures and countries on the ground of educational background ethnic social and religious context.
  • It focuses on cultures, thought patterns, and social attributes pertaining to the different groups of individuals.

6. To Foster awareness building of intercultural communication at the workplace

This will provide cross-cultural awareness by making an individual aware of an individual’s perceptions, beliefs, and cultural values. It will make them understand the differences and similarities between each other’s cultures by assigning essays and case studies.

7. To provide an in-depth understanding of the realities of intercultural communication in various works settings

We will get the knowledge of language acquisition through communication across cultural contexts assignments. To understand the reality of intercultural communication. To study the role of technology, learning tools, language, and social media usages in cross-cultural communication.

8. To analyze various complexities arising out of cultural communication differences at the work area

Students will learn about different complexities related to cultural communication like demographic change, cultural Geography, technology change, managing conflict, and ethical behaviour as taught in topics of HG8004 NTU.

9. Summarize challenges as seen in managing intercultural communication

  • The communication across cultural contexts lesson will develop a basic understanding of our biased nature that we hold against a particular group and laying the foundation for improving intercultural communication.
  • We will also consider how to manage challenges such as learning the foreign language, understanding slang, language differences, and non-verbal misinterpretation.

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