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BU8641 NTU Cultural Intelligence:  how to be an Explorer of the world Assessment Answers Singapore

We are living in a global world so we should be adapted to the differences. Here comes the importance of cultural intelligence.

Nanyang Technological University abbreviated as NTU which is situated in Singapore is offering BU8641 cultural intelligence how to be an explorer of the world course.

In addition to the written examination, this course is coupled with various assessments. These assessments include class participation, group project, tests and Reflection journals.

Students seek for NTU assignment help as these projects are to be submitted within a specific deadline.

Students can go through this sample assignment on cultural intelligence to know about the learning and topics covered in this course.

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About BU8641 NTU Cultural Intelligence

The capability of functioning effectively across organizational, national and ethnic culture is defined as cultural intelligence (CQ).

You might have heard about Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) but these become worthless if you don’t acquire Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

Cultural intelligence (CQ) has gained an advantage in the borderless world of this 21st century. It has become a critical predictor to measure success as it can be learned and developed by anyone.

By going through this assignment sample students will be able to write a cross-culture intelligence assignment.

Benefits of CQ

  • It helps in boosting the corporate reputation
  • It allows the organization to adapt instantly to different environments
  • In achieving better results across cross-cultural organizations

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Scope of the BU8641 cultural intelligence course

Cultural Intelligence is the ability to get adapted to new cultural settings easily. An individual with high CQ has skills and confidence to adapt to new environments and to make judgments from the evidence and observations of the surroundings.

This course focuses on the conceptual framework of cultural intelligence. It will provide a set of tools to explore and navigate the world.

Various topics included in this are overview, knowledge and drive of cultural intelligence. The action and strategy related to cultural intelligence.

To gain knowledge of Custom, Culture and etiquette. Understanding of global assignments, negotiation, culture and conflict management.

These are the main key points listed on which students would be asked to write their projects and assignments.

After going to the main topics covered students might wonder about the educational learning upon completion of this course.

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Learning objectives of BU8641 NTU cultural intelligence :

This course helps students in getting equipped for the challenges related to cross-cultural interactions prevailing worldwide

  1. Understanding similarities and differences between various cultural frameworks.
  2. To analyze the reason for potential conflict among the employees those are coming from the diverse cross-cultural background.
  3. Anticipating organizational and social behaviour by the application of differences across cultures
  4. To get feedback of experiential exercises and self-awareness service related to the cross-cultural framework
  5. Creating personal awareness regarding cultural beliefs and values
  6. Analysis of strength and weakness while managing cultural differences
  7. To enhance self-efficacy while interacting with various people coming from different cultures
  8. To form various experiential exercises, theories and practical skills to get equipped with cross-cultural communication

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