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Updated on: 3rd Dec 2019

Free Essay Sample on Popular Culture Of Singapore

The culture of any country plays a crucial role in connecting the people of different religions. The professors want their students to gain much knowledge about the culture of their respective countries. Due to this, Teachers in Singapore use the trick of giving a reflective essay on the popular culture of the country to their students. There may be chances that the learners, who have come from other countries to get a higher standard of education, may face difficulty in writing on the given topic.

For such situations, the experts for assignment help have written a popular culture in the Singapore essay sample. Students can use the example reflective essay in their work by writing it in their own words.

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Topic: Popular Culture of Singapore

Cultures form the base for the building, named society. Through these cultures, people from different region come together and enjoy. It is a way through which country people feel connected to each other. Popular culture research helps us understand the environment as it evolved over time, which adopted it. Popular culture often deals with daily life and experiences that are often ignored. Popular culture is argued to play a role in shaping a society’s values and identity when it is consumed and embraced by the general masses. Through these cultures, people of all religions live with dignity and harmony. Cultures help in the maintenance of the state’s unity. In Singapore, every religion has the freedom to follow their culture without any foundation. But they should remember that by following their culture, people of other religions must not get hurt.

Being a secular country, Singapore’s culture is a blend of Asian and European cultures. Influenced by the cultures of Malay, South Asia, East Asia and Eurasia, Singapore has been called “East meets west,” “Free Asia,” and “Garden City.” Singapore’s culture is primarily defined by peace, justice, and harmony between society and religion. Singapore’s saying that it is a “fine” city does not just refer to its cleanliness or quality of life. Also, the government has banned various things to ensure security and order in the country. Both three major Buddhist traditions have a presence in the country, Mahayana, Vajrayana, and Theravada Buddhism. Most of Singapore’s ethnic Chinese citizens practice Mahayana Buddhism. Thanks to its diverse ethnic mix of peoples from different countries, religion in Singapore, marked by a variety of religious beliefs and practices.

Singaporeans celebrate several festivals. But there are some specific festivals which are very famous among them. Pongal is among the most famous festivals in Singapore. People celebrate it between the time period of 14 January to 17 January, every year, Singaporeans celebrate it with great enthusiasm. The main aim of celebrating this festival is to say thanks to the sun god for the harvest and riches of life. Then it comes to the spring festival in Singapore, i.e. Chinese new year from twenty-five to twenty 6 January. During this festival, there are lion dancers and fish eaters all around the streets. During the month of Thai, the Pusam star is at the top of the sky. Therefore Thaipusam festival is celebrated during the full moon day, generally on 8 February. Buddhists from all over the world celebrate Vesak day for about two weeks of May. Nine august is the day of Singapore New Year. It is one of the favourite festivals of Singaporeans. Some other popular festivals are Diwali, Hungry Ghost Festival, Hari Raya Haji, Singapore Art Festival, International Festival of Arts, Singapore Food Festival, Grand Prix of Singapore, Night Festival Of Singapore, Hari Raya Puasa, and many more. Singaporeans celebrate all their festivals with excitement, energy, joy and enthusiasm. They feel connected with their relatives through these festivals. Festivals always play an essential role in connecting people of any country.

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Singaporeans’ national pastime is dining! Singaporeans are obsessed gourmands who enjoy Makan (“eat” in Malay) from Michelin-starred restaurants to cheap hawker centres. Being a true cosmopolitan, Lion City’s cuisine is one of the most diverse and picturesque in the world. The domination of the scene is by Hawker centres, coffee shops (Kopitiams) and food court, serving delicious food at prices that are pocket-friendly. There is no dearth of well-known restaurants in Singapore for luxury lovers. In this city-state, one will find Chinese, Indian, French, American, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Italian, and other food quality. Singapore’s most recognizable cuisine is Peranakan or Nonya cuisine, a unique fusion of the Peranakan community’s Chinese and Malay cooking styles. Chilli crab; satay with cream sauce, cucumber and onions; Katong laksa (white noodles in a creamy, incredibly rich coconut-based curry broth, covered with cockles or shrimps) with chilli paste and sliced laksa leaf in a spoon are some of Singapore’s most popular local delicacies.

The cultural and racial culture of Singapore is a complex mixture of cultures and people – Malays, Chinese, Indians and expatriates from different countries. The culture of Singapore is multi-cultural, with each of these ethnic communities preserving their distinctive way of life while living in harmony at the same time. Singaporeans have a diversity of flavours in food to enjoy. Its versatile ethnic mix of peoples from different countries, religions in Singapore, marked by a variety of religious beliefs and practices.

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