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Updated on: 23rd Oct 2020

EE3010 NTU Electrical Devices and Machines Assessment Answers

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is providing EE3010 Electrical Devices and Machines course for the learners who are considering electrical engineer as their career option. This course is General education prescribed elective (GER-PE) that comprises of academic unit 3.

The final NTU result achieved by the students is the composition of continuous assessment and written examination in the ratio of 60:40. The continuous assessment will comprise of home assignments, quizzes and practical work.

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About the content of the EE3010 Electrical Devices and Machines course

This course consists of various topics related to electrical machines and devices like Transformers, actuators, electromagnetic principles, DC machines and AC machines.

This EE3010 electrical devices and machines course will also cover various examples by using these concepts as an application while solving engineering problems.

As we can see the content of this EE3010 course is quite complex which can be understood through a detailed module mapping and conducting various practical sessions only.

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Singaporean scholars are eager to know about the aim of pursuing this electrical engineering course.

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The objective of the EE3010 electrical devices and machines course

The objective of these models is to introduce learners to

Module 1 – the first module will focus on electromagnetic principles, magnetic circuits, energy conversion devices and actuators

Module 2 – this second module will introduce to three-phase and single-phase Transformers, its usage in the power supply system and their operating principles

Module 3- the third module will provide knowledge on induction motors and ac electrical machinery that are used widely across the industries.

Module 4- this final module will allow students to understand the operating characteristics, basic concepts and fundamentals of DC machines.

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