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ECC203 Life Span Development SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

The ECC203 Life Span Development course provides an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the physical, cognitive, and social development that occurs at various stages of life. In this course, you will explore how individuals of different ages come to understand their environment and form relationships with others.

You will also review theories about individual maturation in order to assess how life experiences shape personality traits, values and belief systems. Through lectures, assignments and discussions, you will gain essential skills related to recognizing and addressing health and wellness concerns across the lifespan – must-haves for those interested in working with infants, elders or everyone in between!

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At this point, we offer some assignment briefs. Specifically:

Assignment Brief 1: Explain the main theories of human development.

Human development is a field of study that examines different ways in which individuals grow and change throughout their lifespan and how environments shape those changes. Two key theories focus on understanding this development: psychosocial and cognitive. The psychosocial theory developed by Erik Erikson suggests that eight distinct stages, such as autonomy versus shame and retreat to the initiative, are important for navigating life tasks, with outcomes shaped by experiences within the environment.

Cognitive theory, developed by Jean Piaget, instead focuses on assimilating new knowledge through interaction with the physical world, such as adapting motor skills to activate tools in order to achieve an objective. These two theories provide a framework for understanding how people develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually over time.

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Assignment Brief 2: Discuss the impact of early human development on late development.

Early human development is essential for late, successful growth and maturation. From the moment a child is born, they are learning and adapt to their environment as they continue to grow. Early childhood experiences such as nurturance and stimulation create mechanisms for physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development that can be seen in later years. These mechanisms not only provide children with foundations for adulthood but also influence how they interact in future relationships.

For example, secure attachments developed in infancy can lead to the development of emotional bonds with peers and other adults during childhood, preparing them for meaningful adult connections in the future. Conversely, failed early parent-child relationships may result in difficulty forming later relationships and emotional turbulence throughout a person’s lifespan. Hence, it is vital that parents provide their children with nurturing and stimulating care early on in order to ensure positive long-term growth.

Assignment Brief 3: Interpret the changes in development in infants, early childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle age and old age.

The development of human life can be divided up into various stages. During infancy, the focus is on language acquisition, sensory and motor skill development, as well as social and emotional growth. Early childhood continues to emphasize building language and motor skills while beginning to focus more on educational growth. Adolescence brings important physical changes with cognitive development continuing.

Adulthood has major milestones like getting a job, attaining financial independence, and establishing relationships with others. Middle age often focuses more on career advancement and parenthood, while old age introduces increasing physical decline as well as shifts in lifestyle preferences and financial circumstances. All of these changes together continue to shape the development of humans throughout their lifespans.

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Assignment Brief 4: Examine the physiological development of infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Human development across the lifespan involves changes in physiologic processes, including reproduction, growth and aging. Infant typically experiences rapid physical development in the first year of life, with motor skills such as rolling over, sitting and crawling being learned. During the toddler years, increased mobility allows for the exploration of new environments and language is formulated. Into early childhood physicality develops more modestly; fine motor skills continue to be honed with small muscle control improving in size and strength.

In adolescence, there is a great surge in reproductive ability and large gains in muscle mass supplanting a gangly body while bones thicken through calcification. As adults enter their prime years they peak physically; cardiovascular systems perform at maximum efficiency while maximal levels of cognitive functioning are reached in most individuals. In old age this process begins to wane as organ systems deteriorate; the mortality rate increases as memory fades and muscle mass continues to dissipate.

Assignment Brief 5: Relate the dynamics of interpersonal, cultural and social forces that influence lifespan development.

Our development throughout our lifespans relies on a combination of interpersonal, cultural and social forces that come together to shape our experiences. Interpersonal forces involve relationships we have with those close to us; these can include family, friends, teachers, and medical professionals. Cultural influences are the shared beliefs and values of a particular society or culture, which form the basis of social behavior.

Lastly, social forces arise due to the large societal systems that we ultimately operate within. Collectively, these powerful dynamics influence how we interact with our environment and develop during different stages of life. It is important to be aware of their presence in order to better understand ourselves and others.

Assignment Brief 6: Apply major development theories in the analysis of individual development at different stages of life.

The analysis of individual development at different stages of life can be viewed through the lens of major theories of development. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, Piaget’s cognitive theory, Erickson’s psychosocial theory, and Kohlberg’s moral theory all provide useful frameworks for considering a development based on age, experience, and environment.

Additionally, Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model provides a holistic way to explore the dynamics between an individual and their environment and how these factors influence growth and change throughout life. By gaining an in-depth understanding of these different theories, it becomes possible to construct a more comprehensive picture of individual development across time.

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