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The Singapore University of Social Sciences is none other than one of the top universities in Singapore. SUSS University offers various graduate and undergraduate programs. BSc Management and Security Studies are also one of the part-time undergraduate programmes. This BSc programme brings numerous courses for the students of Singapore one of which is BUS365 Selected Topics in Management.

BUS365 Selected Topics in Management course is related to management issues and it’s latest strategically solving concepts, trends and ideas. This course introduces students with management issues, employee training development, strategic training, learning theories and program design, etc.

Not this course deals with only academic knowledge, study material, lectures or exams but also with other activities like a case study, dissertation writing, report writing, and assignments, etc. These all activities come under TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project).

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Students pursuing this course get into stress for the completion of those BUS365 assignments, reports, and projects on time as TMA and FYP carries 40% weightage in the end result. So students start looking for some substitute method for finishing the BUS365 assessment answers, research reports, dissertation writing, etc.

Purpose of BUS365 Selected Topics in Management

BUS365 SUSS Selected Topics in Management course is a compulsory course that is biased towards management, latest idea, concept on management issues, strategic training through the point of view of human resource development. The main objective of this course is to make aware the students about the management issues, challenges affecting management thoughts, practices, and learning. This course aims for the students to make students skilful enough to examine related to training needs analysis.

In addition to this, students also get various BUS365 assignments, project reports, PowerPoint presentations, and case studies, etc. Due to a lack of time and energy, students need BUS365 Selected Topics in Management assignment help and begin searching for a writer who can write BUS365 assessment answer or readymade BUS365 SUSS assignment.

What are the Management Issues?

There can be miscellaneous issues arise in the management of an organization. Not always there arises a problem with machines only but with humans also.

Some of the management issues are:-

  • The communication gap between different sections
  • A lot of tasks, and no time to do any
  • Poor morale
  • Constantly changing goals
  • Miscommunication which leads to the unfinished task
  • Poor leadership and management training

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What is covered in BUS365 Selected Topics in Management Course?

BUS365 Selected Topics in Management course gives a complete overview of the management, management issues, solutions, strategic approach to the issues, training, career development, etc.

Some of the topics which are included in the BUS365 course are:-

  • Introduction to employee training and development
  • Traditional training methods
  • E-learning and use of technology in training
  • Training evaluation
  • Human Resource Development
  • Social Responsibilities: Legal issues, Managing Diversity, and career challenges

Besides the above-discussed theme of the BUS365 course, students have to complete the BUS365 Selected Topics in Management assessment answers by the given time otherwise they will be marked as absent in the TMA and FYP resulting in low grades in the result mark sheet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you provide research paper for BUS365 course?

Ans. Yes, we do provide research paper for BUS365 Selected Topics in Management course. We provide any kind of writing service you want related to any course.

Q2. What is the need to learn this course?

Ans. Firstly, if you are pursuing the BSc Management and Security Studies programme you are required to learn this course necessarily as BUS365 Selected Topics in Management course is one of the compulsory courses. Secondly, this course will let you examine and analyze the management issues, concepts, ideas, and trends, strategically approach to those issues, training, and development.

You will be able to evaluate how strategies of business and planning impact the training and development from a Singapore perspective.

Q3. How can one pursue the BUS365 course?

Ans. If you are pursuing the BSc Management and Security Studies programme, it will automatically lead you to the BUS365 course as it is a compulsory course in the BSc programme.

Q4. What if I don’t complete the BUS365 assignments on time?

Ans. As TMA and FYP carry 40% aggregate in the end result so if you do not complete the assignments, reports and case studies, you will be marked absent ad consequently get low marks in the final result.

Q5. Is the BUS365 course hard or easy?

Ans. Nothing is easy or hard. It’s just our mind who categorizes everything into hard or easy according to our interests. The BUS365 course is very interesting and you will consider it easy.

Q6. How will you send me a copy of my assignment?

Ans. Our expert writer after completing your assignment will send your assignment via mail on the email id you have provided while placing the order for the BUS365 Selected Topics in Management assignment.

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