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BUS 351 Operations Management Sample Assessment for Students of SUSS

Students of Singapore opt for bus 351 operations management course that is offered by SUSS (Singapore University of Social Science). This course is a modular undergraduate course offered by the University as part-time programs or CET courses for the duration of 6 months. Apart from regular studies students have to submit TMA (tutor marked assignment) and FYP (Final year project) as a compulsory assignment.

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Importance of studying bus 351 operations management course

BUS 351 operations management is a compulsory course to pursue while studying Business Administration program.

In this course, students will learn about the development of operational strategy and how it is applied in the services and manufacturing sectors. Students will get insights about international standards of quality management and will learn about MRP and ERP models.

Besides studying this regular core course students will have to submit bus 351 assessments within the deadline.

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The layout of the bus 351 operations management course

In this course, students will learn how to enhance services and manufacturing business processes by increasing the standard of quality and productivity.

Students will learn the following skills that can be applied to Real-world challenges of businesses.

  • Operations management and process analysis

In this students will get an idea about the process, types of operations, key performance indicators like flow rates, cycle time, throughput time, operational strategy of process, layout  location  services and products

  • Inventory management

Students will learn about how to manage inventory, a different type of inventories, analytical models like economic order quantity, safety stock, aggregate scheduling and reorder stock

  • Supply chain management

Students will learn about how to manage the supply chain, logistics Sourcing material, transaction cost theory and decisions of make or buy

  • Operations improvement

Introduction to Six Sigma, Business process re-engineering, lean management, JIT and examples of Toyota system.

Besides studying about core course students will get TMA (tutor marked assignment) and FYP (Final year project) like the writing of report, dissertation, assignment and case studies which holds 40% weightage in the final exam.

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Learning outcome of BUS 351 operations management  course

As we have discussed, this course will provide students in detail knowledge of operations strategy, supply chain management, inventory management and various inventory models.

Therefore, key learning outcomes are as follows:

  1. Analysis of operations Strategies and how the company will use it globally.
  2. Quantitative analysis of operations such as scheduling, work measurement and inventory management.
  3. Differences and similarities in inventory models
  4. Inventory management tools like MRP and ERP
  5. Operations strategy which includes the importance of location, layout supply chain  services and products
  6. Implementing and planning materials handling like economic order quantity etc.
  7. Analysis of quality control such as TQM
  8. Developing a balance between production and scheduling of operations.
  9. Implementing corporate social responsibility within the company.
  10. Understanding global standards of operations management.

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These outcomes help students to work effectively in a global environment.

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