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AD2101 Management Accounting NTU Assessment Answer

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Management Accounting module covers Management Accounting and its strategic nature. The ntu AD2101 course will focus on the significance of accounting information in the present competitive business environment.

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The AD2101 Management Accounting module Intended learning outcomes

The NTU Management Accounting curriculum comprised four academic units and was designed for undergraduate programs.

By the end of the AD2101 subject, you as a learner would understand the

1. Discuss how Management Accounting supports strategic and managerial decisions.

In Management Accounting lectures, you will grasp how Accounting gets perfectly fit into the organizational structure.

You should appreciate how costing information and accounting support organizational control, decision making, and planning

2.Discuss how various cost concepts such as costing systems and cost behavior affect decision making.

From AD2101 projects, you would be able to explain different concepts related to cost and its views that can affect the approach made toward finalizing a decision. It includes incremental cost, opportunity, and outlay costs.

3.Compute and differentiate the cost of services or products by using various costing systems.

In the Management Accounting content, you will study overhead cost allocation service and product, costing, and budgetary planning which is the introduction to cost management and how it can be accumulated.

4.Discuss the strategic objective and roles of cost allocation.

To know how to apply different costs allocation methods such as units produced, direct labor, and machine time used to calculate overhead, indirect, and direct cost as studied in the AD2101 notes.

5.Present costing information and to record them in financial statements.

To present all the costs under the balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement, and shareholders equity to convey the financial performance and business activities of a company. To grasp these knowledge Management Accounting syllabus.

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6.Discuss the importance of behavioral issues, risk, and strategy in the budgeting process.

To understand the process of flexible budgeting and budgetary planning from Management Accounting presentations. We will study the accounting information application for supporting strategic missions and tactical objectives of the organization.

7.Present and prepare supporting schedules of flexible and master budgets.

You will learn from AD2101 seminars about the budget that it is a financial plan formed for a definite period. It is prepared by using revenues, sales, expenses, resources, cash flows, assets, and liabilities.

8.Perform variance analysis and discuss its impact on business operation.

The Scholars will learn about variance analysis as it is the difference between the actual amount and budgeted planning. From Management Accounting homework, you are asked to show its impacts on the business as it is computed for both revenues and cost. 

9.Perform CVP analysis and to discuss how pricing decisions are affected by different cost structures.

In the AD2101 tutorials, you will learn about segment reporting and cost volume profit analysis. It is used to determine how a change in volume and cost can affect companies net income and operating income.

10.Discuss the legal issues, risks, and constraints and perform differential analysis.

We will understand the technique which examines only the changes in profit, cost, and revenue from Management Accounting reports. This is known as differential analysis concerning strategic and managerial decisions. To also provide students with examples from real-life scenarios to promote their skills and knowledge in critical thinking.

11.Discuss organizational architecture and also measure the performance of business units and managers.

The AD2101 final examination asks how business performance is measured by using non-financial and financial measurements. Non-financial metrics include competitiveness, customer value, and company reputation and financial metrics include sales, revenue, and demand generation.

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12.Applying the basic Transfer pricing rule.

Here we will discuss the behavioral issues and economic consequences of transfer pricing in the AD2101 topics.

We will understand that transfer price is the price at which all the parties transact such as the exchange of goods, resources, and trade of supplies.

13.Discuss the implications of Total Quality Management on the business areas and operation.

From the Management Accounting elective, we will see the relationships of the product life cycle, Value Chain, and cost reduction in the organization. You will also study performance measurement in the centralized and decentralized organizations

14.Discuss corporate sustainability areas and practices.

To study the challenges and implications in measuring and recognizing social environment and economic impacts. Through the AD2101 class discussions, You will learn contemporary management practices in detail.

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The AD2101 Management Accounting assessment components would consist of a final examination of 50%, presentation and project of 20%, online homework of 15%, and seminar activities of 15% weight age.

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