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Updated on: 20th Apr 2023

ACC493 Ethics and Accounting Theory SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

ACC493 Ethics and Accounting Theory is the perfect course to give you a foundational understanding of ethics and accounting theory. This invaluable course provides students with the fundamentals of ethical leadership in accounting, understanding the international financial environment within which accounting takes place, weighing different stakeholder needs in making decisions, implementing good governance practices, and effectively applying technical knowledge for working through complex ethical dilemmas.

Through hands-on assignments, case studies, and discussions backed by real-world examples, this comprehensive course will build essential skills for working through ethical conflicts like an accounting professional.

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Here, we are providing the following assignment briefs:

Assignment Brief 1: Examine the ethical issues relevant to professional accountants.

Professional accountability is of the utmost importance when engaging in accounting and bookkeeping services. Accountants must adhere to a strict ethical code that necessitates accuracy, integrity and objectivity when performing tasks. They must remain unbiased in their decisions, maintain confidentiality for clients, exercise sound judgment to protect the company’s interests and practice due diligence when making financial predictions.

Furthermore, professional accountants should pledge allegiance to relevant laws and regulations that govern their profession and display commitment towards continual learning so as to stay updated with industry changes. An accountant’s role is one of the extensive implications entailing upholding paramount principles that prioritize their adherence to ethical standards.

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Assignment Brief 2: Evaluate the decision usefulness of accounting information, based on the qualitative characteristics of useful financial information.

Accounting information has long been seen as crucial for decision-makers and is evaluated by its qualitative characteristics to ascertain the usefulness of this source of financial insight. The key terms here are relevance and reliability; accounting information must be both accurate and pertinent in order to serve as a sound basis from which to make decisions.

Relevance relates to the extent to which the data affects future outcomes or impacts current decisions; it is only if this information is either predictive or confirmatory that it can then be reliably used. On the other hand, reliability means that info must be free from bias that could skew a decision, underpinned by sufficient evidence available to support a given statement. Ultimately, accounting information should strive towards both relevance and reliability in order to maximize its decision usefulness.

Assignment Brief 3: Analyse the value relevance perspective of decision usefulness of accounting information, taking into account the implications of the efficient market hypothesis and the empirical findings of relevant capital markets research.

When looking at the decision usefulness of accounting information from a value relevance perspective, the implications of the efficient market hypothesis and the empirical findings of capital markets research should be taken into consideration. Examining fundamental economic theories in regard to market efficiency is paramount as it provides insight into how investors may interpret accounting numbers as well as an invaluable perspective on decisions and procedures.

Accounting figures must accurately reflect economic reality, so understanding empirical evidence helps determine whether relevant accounting data and financial statement insights are being integrated properly into investor decisions. As such, analyzing the value relevance perspective of decision usefulness by considering the implications of efficient market hypothesis and related capital markets research results is essential for providing useful, comprehendible financial information for investment decisions.

Assignment Brief 4: Assess the measurement perspective of decision usefulness of accounting information.

Accounting information plays an important role in decision-making, allowing users to assess the financial performance of a business. The measurement perspective of decision usefulness argues that accounting standards must focus primarily on the measurement of economic phenomena, with an emphasis placed on objectivity and reliability. This approach believes that a precise and accurate depiction of events is necessary in order to help users make well-informed decisions. It also puts great value on quantifying qualitative characteristics such as doubts, uncertainties, and expectations.

As a result, the measurement perspective seeks to provide accurate numbers that can be used as the basis for predictions about future events. Auditors use this perspective to form their audit opinion which serves as a test of truth for financial statements. Ultimately, by adhering to the measurement approach for decision usefulness of accounting information, businesses ensure the credibility and accuracy of their financial statements.

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Assignment Brief 5: Appraise the efficient contracting theory and the stewardship role of accounting information.

The efficient contracting theory is an economic principle proposing that accounting information affects the formation of contracts between debtors and creditors. In this sense, accounting information provides useful stewardship to both parties by allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding the terms and conditions of their agreement. This improved transparency can lead to greater efficiency in contract formation, with fewer subjective variables being taken into account.

Further, economic research has clearly indicated that access to clear accounting data leads to greater discipline among debtors in managing their financial operations. In all, the efficient contracting and stewardship role of accounting are highly beneficial for ensuring optimal business transactions and outcomes.

Assignment Brief 6: Discuss the motivations, applications, and implications of earnings management.

Earnings management has become the focus of much discussion in the accounting field. It entails attempts by corporate managers to use creative accounting techniques to misinform investors for their own gain and maneuver financial statements to paint a more favorable picture of a company. As such, it is commonly seen as an unethical practice, yet there have been instances where its applications have been legally accepted, partly due to its strategic advantages.

For example, companies may strategically overestimate costs when attempting to obtain more favorable loan terms from creditors or hide existing problems on their balance sheets. Nonetheless, earnings management carries with it significant consequences and implications that have caused a degree of mistrust towards both businesses and auditors within the market. If not carefully managed, this practice can lead to greater manipulation of financial statements and loss of trust in corporate transparency with long-term impacts ranging from reputational damage to potential litigation threats.

The ethical considerations raised by earnings management should not be taken lightly as they bring into question the accuracy of financial statements which underscore key decision-making processes in business and finance today.

Assignment Brief 7: Develop the essential knowledge and interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team.

Working effectively in a team requires more than technical knowledge. It also requires developing the essential interpersonal and communication skills to foster collaboration between team members. To develop these skills, it is important to listen attentively, respond thoughtfully and above all value the contributions of others within the group. Fostering an environment of shared respect and understanding goes a long way toward developing a successful team dynamic.

Developing this ability demonstrates great leadership potential and an understanding of how best to navigate complex interdependent relationships. With that in mind, having the right people on board with the right attitudes can be just as important as having technical experience when it comes to optimal group performance.

Assignment Brief 8: Demonstrate proficiency in written and verbal communication skills.

Being able to effectively communicate in both writing and speech is pivotal in the professional workplace. From articulating an important business proposal to delivering an impactful presentation, having solid verbal and written communication skills is essential for professional success. It is important that when expressing ideas, thoughts, opinions, and feelings we are clear, organized and articulate.

In addition, the usage of non-verbal cues such as eye contact and body language also plays a key role in ensuring messages conveyed are understood correctly by the receiver. While being adaptive throughout conversations with peers or clients, it is important to be prepared ahead of time to present information confidently and cohesively. Every individual has the power to harness their own unique form of expression; understanding communication tools can open new pathways for growth and success in any profession.

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