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Updated on: 20th Apr 2023

ACC311 Strategic Management Accounting SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

ACC311 Strategic Management Accounting is a highly sought-after course for those wishing to combine expertise and skills in the fields of financial, management accounting, and strategy. This course will help develop and hone a variety of essential skills such as financial analysis, budgeting, and planning.

Understanding how to strategically utilize financial resources helps organizations maximize the value from their assets. Through this course, students can expect to gain the fundamental knowledge needed to devise appropriate business strategies for specific organizational contexts. This comprehensive program also involves practical work in order to demonstrate how knowledge can be applied to optimize processes and structures within a company.

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Today, we will be exploring various assignment briefs. These may include:

Assignment Brief 1: Discuss reasons behind the varying degrees to which organizations choose to decentralize versus centralize, and explain the impact of these choices on management control systems.

The decision to decentralize versus centralize plays a key role in how management control systems are developed and operated. In some organizations, the decision may arise out of strategic needs to merge processes that are mission-critical, such as accounting or quality assurance. Other organizations decide to decentralize operations when resources and personnel become spread out over a wide geographic area.

Still, other organizations may find that by establishing a centralized hub for reporting regular status updates and metrics, they can have more effective oversight and control of projects, processes and personnel. By taking into account business necessity as well as geographical factors, organizations can better structure their management control systems so that these systems meet their particular organizational needs while also supporting connections with key stakeholders.

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Assignment Brief 2: Examine how responsibility accounting can be used to encourage goal congruence in decentralized organizations.

Responsibility accounting is a tool used in decentralized organizations to assign specific goals to individual departments while allowing each department the autonomy to pursue those goals. Its purpose is to encourage goal congruence across departments and incentivize individuals within each department to work together toward organizational objectives. By instituting responsibility accounting, each manager becomes responsible for achieving their objectives and the performance of the individual members of their team.

By aligning individual objectives with those of the organization as a whole, managers ensure that their own self-interest closely aligns with that of their department, leading them to work towards the successful completion of organizational goals. With responsibility accounting, organizations can create performance systems that facilitate interdepartmental cooperation and communication in pursuit of a shared mission.

Assignment Brief 3: Assess the effectiveness of using financial performance measures to motivate managers to make decisions in line with organizational strategy.

The use of financial performance measures to motivate managers to make decisions in line with organizational strategy can be effective, especially when used in combination with other management strategies. Rewards, bonuses and promotions based on reaching set financial goals can spur productivity when managers know they have tangible incentives associated with reaching their goals.

This can lead to better decision-making throughout the organization that positively impacts the long-term success of the company. At the same time, placing too much importance on financial outcomes can lead to ethical or competitive situations that are counter-productive and could ultimately hurt a company’s reputation. As such, it is important for organizations to carefully assess both short-term and long-term potential repercussions of relying primarily on financial performance measures as an incentive for managerial decisions.

Assignment Brief 4: Critique the use of other (nonfinancial) performance measures to evaluate and reward performance.

While financial performance measures may be the most measurable and familiar way to evaluate employees’ performances, the use of other nonfinancial metrics can also yield meaningful results. Depending on the sector or industry, incorporating a variety of performance measures can be a useful tool for CEO’s to assess employee performance in departments or divisions beyond finances, such as productivity or customer relations.

Motivational and other intangible measures can also be taken into account when rewarding an employee; however, it is important to note that these measures must be weighed carefully against one another. Although certain metrics might demonstrate an overall improvement over a period of time, placing emphasis on the right combination of financial and non-financial metrics is key in determining who should receive adequate compensation for great work.

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Assignment Brief 5: Appraise organizational performance on the counts of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and explain why keeping track of performance measures can be critical to an organization’s sustainability.

Measuring and appraising an organization’s performance on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is essential in creating a successful, enduring and profitable business. Knowing where a company stands on issues of sustainability and CSR can help it identify shortcomings, set improvement goals, and track progress against them. It is also increasingly important for companies to be able to demonstrate accountability for their environmental impact and ethical practices for stakeholders who take these things into consideration when making decisions about the company.

Moreover, since stakeholders who value sustainability have the power to make or break a company, tracking performance measures enables businesses to remain aware of the values that consumers are looking for in order to keep up with the changing times. In this way, staying informed and keeping track of performance measures can be critical to an organization’s sustainability.

Assignment brief 6: Recommend suitable performance evaluation and compensation plan designs based on the understanding of an organization’s strategy and structure.

When developing a performance evaluation and compensation plan, it is important to consider the organization’s strategy and structure. Companies should design plans that are tailored to their specific needs, taking into account factors such as size of the business, industry, goals and objectives.

For example, for small businesses with limited resources, it may be beneficial to focus on simple performance metrics such as customer satisfaction or efficiency. On the other hand, larger companies with more complex structures may need to create compensation plans that are based on tiering, or different levels of responsibility and achievement.

Assignment brief 7: Evaluate choices in transfer pricing policy and the behavioral implications of these choices, within the context of organizational strategy and structure.

Transfer pricing policy is a tool used by organizations to help manage internal costs and divisions of labor. It sets the price that different departments in an organization pay for goods and services provided to them by other parts of the organization. This policy can have powerful behavioral implications on how individual departments interact with each other, as well as how they prioritize certain projects or activities.

The choice of transfer pricing policy should be evaluated within the context of an organization’s strategy and structure. For example, organizations that prioritize cost efficiencies may opt for a fixed-price transfer pricing policy, while those that value collaboration and innovation might prefer a variable or shared-cost approach. Additionally, a good transfer pricing policy should be flexible enough to respond to changes in the external environment or organizational goals.

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Assignment Brief 8: Analyze the role of management accounting information and the design of management accounting information systems in the facilitation of strategic management.

Management accounting information is an important tool for strategic management, as it provides insight into the performance of an organization and can help inform decision-making. Management accounting information systems are designed to provide timely, accurate and comprehensive data that can be used to analyze a company’s financial position, measure performance, set budgets and track progress.

These systems can also be used to identify trends in the organization’s operations and make forecasts based on this data. By providing a comprehensive overview of the company’s performance, management accounting information systems can help managers make informed decisions about the future direction of their organization. They are also an important tool for measuring progress against goals and objectives. Ultimately, the role of management accounting information and systems is to provide crucial insights that can inform strategic decisions and help organizations reach their goals.

Assignment Brief 9: Develop the essential knowledge and interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team.

Working in a team is essential for any organization, as it allows individuals to pool their strengths and create a greater collective impact. To work effectively in a team, individuals must develop both the knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary for successful collaboration.

Knowledge-wise, team members should have an understanding of the company’s goals and objectives, as well as an understanding of their own roles and responsibilities. They should also have an understanding of the different tasks that need to be completed by each team member, and how these tasks fit into the overall strategy.

Interpersonally, effective teamwork requires members to develop strong communication skills, conflict management skills, problem-solving abilities, and trust in one another. Additionally, team members should have an understanding of the different personalities and perspectives that make up the team, as well as an appreciation for the value each member brings to the group.

By developing both knowledge and interpersonal skills, individuals can work effectively in a team to contribute towards collective success.

Assignment Brief 10: Demonstrate proficiency in written and verbal communication skills.

Communication is essential for any organization and individual, as it allows us to share ideas, collaborate with others, and build relationships. To demonstrate proficiency in written and verbal communication skills, individuals must learn how to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas in both written form and through speaking.

Written communication requires the development of grammar, punctuation, and syntax to ensure clarity. It also involves learning how to craft persuasive arguments, develop clear and concise messages, use appropriate language for the audience, and use visual aids such as charts or diagrams to enhance comprehension.

Verbal communication requires developing strong public speaking skills, listening actively and attentively, focusing on non-verbal cues, understanding different communication styles, and learning how to communicate effectively in group settings. It also involves developing the ability to speak clearly, concisely, and with confidence.

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