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AB0601 Communication Management Fundamentals NTU

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Communication Management Fundamentals module equips you with skills and knowledge to effectively communicate in professional business contexts.The ntu AB0601 course will further provide an introduction to theoretical framework and communication principles.

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The AB0601 Communication Management Fundamentals module Educational learning

The Communication Management Fundamentals subject is offered in semester 1 as group A and comprises two academic units.

By the end of the AB0601 curriculum, you must be able to

1.Apply the two frameworks and prevailing communication principles

In the AB0601 notes, you will learn how to effectively manage communication in the context of a business. For that, you will see the two frameworks that are Aristotle’s three rhetorical appeals and the strategic contingency model.

You will also understand that the ability of effective communication will empower an employee to be in demand by employers and thrive in his career.

2.Organize and strategize non-sensitive informative messages

From NTU Communication Management Fundamentals class participation you will grasp how to organize non-sensitive information in a document used by a professional business. You must also comprehend the use of Technology effectively.

3.Deliver a professional presentation according to business

Through AB0601 presentations you will learn to exploit the usage of slides that is the visual aid. You must understand that career success is the outcome of productive collaboration across teams and within the team and constructive workplace relationships.

4.Demonstrate appropriate nonverbal and verbal communication skills

The ntu oral assessment will tell you how to develop customized compelling content according to the workplace audience. You will learn the ability to manage Q&A.

Demonstrate high-quality oral communication by delivering a professional presentation.

5.Critique and explore the usage of social media for corporate and personal image management

From the AB0601 social media assessment, we will see how to be analytical of new and current social media developments that are particularly critical to the business.

To understand various risks and opportunities presented by social media to business organizations.

6.Make contributions that advance the depth and level of discussion

You will learn how to respond spontaneously to comments and questions and also how to initiate discussions. To listen to others carefully and convey ideas convincingly, concisely, and clearly will be taught in Communication Management Fundamentals e-learning.

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7.To develop effective communication skills used for business purposes

You will further study from AB0601 class discussions that self-employed individuals, employees, and entrepreneurs must harness effective communication skills required to articulate ideas to other organizations, government suppliers, and customers in the business ecosystem. To adopt correct and coherent communication skills so that others can absorb your point.

8.To analyze theoretical frameworks and communication principles

The ntu Communication Management Fundamentals written assessment will ask questions related to various theories associated with the communication. You will see how it can be applied to oral and written communication, social media communication, and small talk.  These theories are important to make you learn the overall business environment.

9.Introduction to the crucial communication skills as required by today’s job Hunters, entrepreneurs, and employees

Students will be assessed to devise clear and effective communication strategies from AB0601 seminars. They would learn how to write positive informative messages and convert them into business ideas.

They would develop the ability to share peer feedback to their managers, subordinates and colleagues. Lastly, they will acquire knowledge on how to deliver and prepare compelling oral presentations.

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The Communication Management Fundamentals module is of 100 marks that include both summative and continuous assessment.

The ntu AB0601 Course final marks are distributed in components such as class participation of 25, written assessment of 20, oral assessment of 30, and social media assessment of 25 marks.

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