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Is Homework Good or Bad Debate?

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Is Homework Good or Bad Debate?

Good and Bad Effects of Homework

The entire life of students is filled with the activities of homework ranging from essay writing, worksheets, book report to complex assignments and research papers.Students’ work is just not doing these homework tasks, but also to do it perfectly without any flaws and submit it within the deadline. Now let us check it out how the concept of homework is having good and bad effects upon the students.

According to some academic experts, homework eats up the valuable time and energy of the students. But most of the academic professionals think that the task of the homework is to increase the knowledge of the students, and also acts as an indicator to increase the skills of writing, research, and reasoning.

Good Points of Giving Homework

If we talk about the good points of giving homework to the students then you must know certain things which are:

  • As per the views of various educators, homework is especially given to make learning easy. It is the best strategy to understand lessons and class lectures after class at home.
  • Daily doses of homework improve learning and study habits which also increases students’ GPA.

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Bad Points of Giving Homework

Moreover, if we talk about the bad points of giving homework to the students then you must know of the certain things which are:

  • Excess homework increases the level of stress and tiredness among the students. This affects the students’ both mind and body.
  • Increase of homework and other academic assignments increases stiff competition among students to get the best grades in the class. Most of the students are weak and are not that capable enough to get high grades. They feel rejected and become a victim of the priority complex.

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How to Deal With Homework?

This is an essential note to the teachers who assign various homework tasks to the students. Before giving the homework they must know the sole reason behind giving homework. It is to memorize the lesson with an expert understanding and elaborate willingness to learn new things about a particular subject or course. Moreover, homework should not be given in bulk otherwise it will be hard for the students to digest. Only w homework tasks should be given at a time so that the students can learn then deeply.

Homework should also be given to attain a certain learning goal with a more alert learning experience. After the student complete and submit the given homework task teachers should give the right opinion in time. Students need to know what is right in the homework copy and what is wrong in the homework written by them. Timely feedback to the students at the right moment is very effective for the students. For the children belonging to the primary classes, parental supervision is must since it proves easier to complete the given homework.

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Reasons Singapore Students Take Online Homework Help

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